Wednesday, April 6, 2016

County Fair

Since AB already had her photo entry from the SRF, we let her enter into the Levy County fair, too. Again, all her age group gets is a green participation ribbon, but it’s still fun to enter and is giving her some experience doing different things.

We had to pick up her entry on Sunday, so we decided to make an afternoon of it, and let the kids ride a few rides. IMG_2803

Pappy & Nie-Nie met us there and we all enjoyed watching the kids have some fair-fun. IMG_2859IMG_2889IMG_2900IMG_2934IMG_2950


Nobody loved a ride more than Tucker loved the tractors…IMG_2817IMG_2824IMG_2836

We had to ride them twice…IMG_3021

We shared the traditional must-have funnel cake, rode some more rides, let the kids pet a miniature zebu and the high-light for me was the Banana-Derby.IMG_2965 You haven’t lived until you see a monkey riding on a hound dog’s back.

Pappy dropped the $10.00 for the kids to have thier picture made with the monkey, but Tucker flipped out when that monkey was eye level with him, so just the girls got thier picture made.IMG_3058

The rides were cute, the lines were short, the weather was nice, and we saw a saddled-up hound dog with a monkey wearing a pink sequined jacket riding it - which all made for a pretty great time.


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