Friday, March 17, 2017

American Girl Bistro

It’s spring break here and we have no big plans. The weather turned back cold, so that puts out going to the beach. Mom had promised the girls lunch at the American Girl Bistro when we couldn’t get in at Christmas, so that was our big Spring Break plans.

It was enough though, because it was precious and the girls had the very best time.  IMG_6546

Nen had suggested I let Tucker take Woody so he didn’t feel too left out. IMG_6554

We let the girls shop first and if they looked at every thing once, they looked at it ten times. We covered every square inch of the AG store and they just couldn’t make up their minds what they wanted.

The rest of us just waited…and waited….and waited….IMG_6564

FINALLY they chose matching bathing suits for themselves and their dolls. IMG_6571IMG_6574After shopping, it was time for some lunch! IMG_6579

Tucker seemed to steal the show when he walked in with Woody, and the hostess insisted on hanging a chair for Woody, too.IMG_6588 Tucker wasn’t impressed. He also didn’t like that everything was PINK, but when they brought out the lemonade, he decided he’d bite the bullet and participate in our luncheon, if for nothing more than the lemonade. ;)IMG_6607

The girls on the other hand were in heaven. IMG_6584IMG_6582I mean seriously – high chairs for their dolls, and their own cups, pink and girly EVERYTHING, and even the napkin rings are hair-ties for you to take home.

Shelby and Willa enjoyed lunch, too. IMG_6613

Things got a little hairy with Tucker & Woody and we had to bribe Tucker with a promise of playing on the playground that’s right outside the AG store once lunch was over. IMG_6644

It’s a darling little experience and I’m so glad we got to take the girls.

and Tucker enjoyed the playground after we’d bid farewell to the land of pink and doll- everything!


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