Thursday, January 15, 2009

Guessing Game, Massive Diapers & Sweet Dresses

Guess, just guess who slept FOUR hours between feedings at our house last night?!?!? "Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, let the people rejoice" --- I hope yall are rejoicing, even if it's just because you can't hear me singing! When Little Miss woke up at 2:00am, I felt like I had slept for days and was ready to run a marathon! Well, maybe not a marathon, but I was totally feeling good! THEN when she ate, went back to sleep and didnt wake up until 5:45, well, I was beside myself! I haven't had much more than two hours sleep at a time, in 6 weeks!
On a more serious, little less happy note, guess, just guess who has moved up a diaper size at our house? Since Annabelle is the only one wearing diapers at our house (I better clarify that), you guessed right! We have packed up the last of the size "N" (newborn) pampers to save for her baby dolls and so that she can see just how tiny she once was, and have replaced them with the ginormous size "1"! Break my heart... thankfully she still has growing room in those size one monsters, so she still seems little!

As far as how this week has been, well, talk about being productive!!!!-- I hate to be self-aggrandizing (do you not LOVE that word? It means to praise one's self highly... I learned it from a buddy of Devin's, who's like a walking thesauraus...we went on vaca with them this summer, and all week, I had him give me a different "smart sounding" word of the day... in true Annie fashion, I can't remember one of them except that one!) Woah, the ADD is creeping up, FOCUS, Annie, FOCUS! Back to the point... not to be self-aggrandizing, or to "toot my own horn" as my mom would say, but I have been quite productive the past few days. I have kept the house straight, cleaned one of our four bathrooms (i know, REALLY? FOUR toilets to clean.... GROSS..), I have done laundry every day, and I have finished all of my thank you cards! Not to be too proud, but I am feeling pretty good about myself after that, so just indulge me this and let me have a slight self-aggrandizing moment... okay, so I totally just wanted to use that word again! ha...

Well, actually, about those thank you cards... I have finished MOST of them... got another gift last night, so I have that one to write... which leads me to these next pictures.... these are sweet gifts, including the one from last night, that we've gotten this week... This first is from one of our Aunts & Uncles. How sweet is it? Its so old fashioned looking and southern, I cant wait to take Belle's pictures in this one! It's going to be so cute with a solid color dress under it, so you can see all of the cut outs and detail on it!
This next one, is the gift from last night... HOW darling is this? It's a gift from the kindergarten teacher that I did my internship with, and whom I adore! Mrs. H is the BEST teacher I have ever met, and she also has wonderful taste! It's pink and white seersucker, with smocking and ric-rac... just pinch me now! Of course she bought us the matching pink bow, too! Belle will be quite adorable sporting this at the beach this summer! I am thinking it will be a definate photo op!
Speaking of the beach and summer, the bff, Carrie and I were laughing that we've already bought the girls bathing suits and are planning our summer beach trips and its FREEZING outside! Here's Miss Priss bundled up yesterday, when I had a moment of weakness and wanted a cheeseburger and french fries for lunch, so when Daddy got home, we made him take us through the drive thru... I know, gross and bad-bad Annie! I won't tell ya'll about those homemade chocolate chip cookie bars that I made yesterday with pecans that were amazing!!! Somebody better start praying for me to get some serious self control or I am never going to get back to my pre-preg. size and clothes again! I think I will pack up all those cookie bars and send them back to the office with Devin when he comes home for lunch...but I better keep one for myself for an afternoon snack... WILLPOWER, pray for WILLPOWER!!! :)
Back to that little Annabelle Whitehurst, well she's the sweetest girl I know and we love EVERYTHING about her, (even if she wakes up every two hours to eat--) except the fact that she's growing up and changing way too fast!


Katie said...

First of all...I'm so glad you emailed me the other day so that I could come to your blog and "meet" you! We have SO much in common! I went back and read all your previous posts to catch up so that now I can follow you. Your sweet little Miss is...A-Dorable! She just looks so sweet and tiny! I am in love with that sweet little hat with the bow that she is wearing several times. Is it one hat with interchangeable bows?? Too cute. Where did you find that? If I have another girl this time, I will have to get one of those!

I have saved at least one diaper from every size Amelia has been in, and I am so glad that I did. It is AMAZING to pull them out and look at how much she has grown. I cannot remember her being small enough to fit in those tiny newborn sizes. I used Pamper's, too...which is what you have there, right? Just wait until you have to upgrade to the size where the characters on the front don't look so baby-ish and the front is purple/blue instead of yellow. I don't know why that affected me, but as you can did! haha!

Good job on getting so much done! From one momma to another, that's a HUGE deal, I know! And I completely remember the first time Amelia slept for more than a few hours...I felt the same way as you did, like I had slept for an eternity! Haha! Ahh, glorious sleep!!! Once this new baby comes, I'll be back in those shoes...sigghhhhh....

Those dresses are fabulous. I definitely see photo ops with both of those. They are both so precious! You can NEVER go wrong with smocking and seersucker, and the old-fashioned, Southern white one is perfect. Speaking of clothes...this morning, I was shopping and bought Amelia some jeans...with RUFFLES on the bottom, and thought of you! hahaha!

Phewww...okay, I'll hush now! Take care, and have a wonderful evening!

Aleta Kaylee said...

I love the dresses Annie. I know that Miss Belle will just be cute-as-a-button in them. Can't wait to see the pics this summer with her wearing them!

Katie said...

Hi, Annie! I bought the orange and blue smocked cheerleader bishop because I know how expensive those dresses are, and I literally bought this one for next to NOTHING! It's in perfect condition. I don't recall the size but that's the good thing about bishop dresses...they look so cute when they are long and hit the top of their shoes and then they have room to grow in them. I would be so happy to send this one to you since y'all are Gators fans, if you would like it. If you do, just email me your address and I'll send it off to you!

Crystal said...

Goodness Annie...that is not the little baby I once knew, why, she's practically grown!! I swear, between you & Carrie you almost (big almost) make me want to go for a girl!! Alas, I believe these boys would corrupt her, so I'll choose to just stick with these hoodlums that will try to woo your girls in a few out for those Rodgers' boys!