Thursday, January 22, 2009

No freebies for us...

Did yall hear about the class action law-suit filed against several major department stores? There was a whole list of stores that had gotten together and set prices higher than they should have been or something like that (I wasn't paying attention to the charges against them, all I heard was the verdict... FREE makeup)... its no secret, I love hair products and makeup. I think it's the little girl in me that loves the idea of "dress up," and every time I hit up the M.A.C. counter for some new eyeshadow, well, my heart kind of skips a beat with excitement! Anyway, the thought of anything free is exciting, but free makeup just really excites this girl! After the segment on the news about the lawsuit was over, I immediately looked it up...
Here's the site, if you want to read it and see what they were giving away:

My friend Grace works until 1:00 on Thursdays, so I called her to see if she wanted to meet up in Gainesville and go claim our free makeup... we agreed that we'd meet at Target and drive over to the mall together.

We decided we'd hit up both of the stores that were part of the lawsuit and are in our mall (Dillards and Macys) and REALLY load up on all of these freebies. We hit Dillard's first. As we walked up to the cosmetics area, there was a table set up with lots of boxes and packaging surrounding it, I assumed this was where we needed to be. The oh-so helpful saleslady asked if we needed help... I explained to her that we had heard about the lawsuit and had come to claim our freebies... with a frown on her face, she gave us the bad news...they had just given out the last of the free products FIVE minutes earlier... FIVE minutes.... If only we'd been FIVE minutes earlier!!!
We decided to try Macy's but no luck, they were all out, too... So we ended up at the M.A.C. counter and Grace made a purchase...I was too sick about missing out on all those freebies, that I certainly wasn't BUYING anything! (Except a really cute top for Annabelle at was marked down so low, and then extra 25% off of that, so who could pass that up?)

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William said...

Free Makeup thats nothing compared to free panites at VC right.