Friday, January 9, 2009

Slumber parties, jeans, BFF's, & a National Championship

Well yesterday and today were eventful days for sure! We had our first "outing"... we went to the mall to buy some jeans (for Belle). I kept her in her carrier secured in her stroller with the top covering her, to keep the germs off. We are still sticking close to home these days to avoid getting sick, but we HAD to get some new things to wear... Yes, she does have a closet full of clothes, but not much in her size right now. That's all Momma needs is an excuse to do a little shopping! (Plus Daddy was headed to Miami for the BCS Championship Game, so when Daddy's away, the girls will play (well, shop anyway!) We had some gift cards to use, so don't worry about me getting into too much trouble with Devin for shopping already this year! :) The shopping trip proved successful, and we ended up with the most darling pair of little jeans you've ever seen! They are sweet and soft and have ruffles at the bottom...RUFFLES on jeans... sweetness!!! Of course we couldn't be that close to the Gymboree and not go in there, too, and browse. And would you believe it was the Semi-Annual Sale and they were just GIVING stuff away! (Devin never buys that line, but I still try it anyway!) Needless to say, we picked up a few cute things from there, too... Our last stop was at the Baby Gap, where we too, made a purchase--- So, Miss Belle should be set for a while. She was the perfect little shopper and slept the whole 30 minutes that we were in the mall.

After we got home we packed up and headed over to my Mom & Dad's house for a "slumber party." Here are all of our bags for just ONE night away....

Devin was gone to Miami for the game, and I dont stay home alone when he is out of town, so Annabelle got to try out her new bed and bedding at Grammy & Pop's house. Here she is in her bed cute is her bedding??? As cute as it is, I dont think her new cousin, Garrett will like sleeping on pink polka dots surrounded by pink flowers when he comes to Grammy & Pop's house from Georgia to visit, so Grammy said she'll have to get out the bedding she used for the boys when he comes! :)

Mom cooked dinner and then we waited for kickoff... here's Belle decked out cheering on the Gators...

This morning we got up and Aunt Carrie and Allie came over for a visit. We propped the girls up in the big club chair for a photo op.... how cute is this?

I was so inspired by Belle laying in her crib at Mom & Dad's, that I thought I would lay her in her crib at our house for a nap once we got home this afternoon. She slept so good and how adorable are those jeans?!?!?

Her daddy got home late this afternoon and was ready to see his girl! Here they are on the front porch at our house when Devin got home...

It was a big 2 days around here for sure!

Happy one month birthday today to our baby Belle and Go Gators!



Aunt B said...

How sweet it is.... National Championship... little ruffle jeans...BIG sales... time at home...and best friend get together…..LIFE is GOOD.
Aunt B

Carrie said...

I LOVE the last picture of Belle! She is looking very grown up in those ruffle jeans. I can't believe you made that hair bow--it's so cute! Go gators!

Aleta Kaylee said... I'm lovin' Miss Annabelle's gator bow. It's so cute. You made it? Dang girl!