Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why do I do it to myself????

I have just returned from yet another colorful experience at the grocery store.
Have you ever gone out in public wearing your exercise pants (which you just threw on, not because you were exercising or anything silly like that) and your T-Shirt with the Australian flag on it, thrown your hair in a ponytail, grabbed your eczema fighting baby and ran into the store? Oh, you haven't? Well me, either, until today.
It's been a normal day around our house... taking care of Little Miss, doing some laundry, spray painting tree branches, baking ribbon, you know-- typical everyday things. Oh, so you don't spray paint tree branches and bake ribbon?
This afternoon, just like every other day I started to think about what I was going to take out for dinner. When I decided what I'd make, I realized that we needed some cheese and our milk was old. So I thought we'd just run to town and pick these up. Now, I had way too much to do to change my clothes (my black capri length exercise pants, and my bright red Australian T-Shirt) or to put on makeup or to do anything with my hair for that matter. So I waited on sweet girl to wake up, strapped her in her carseat and headed for the grocery store, HOPING I wouldn't see anyone I knew. Ya'll know the rest of that story-- if you ever go out not wanting to see anyone you know, chances are you'll see EVERYONE and their brother!
So, of course, I did. I saw a couple people I knew and apologized for looking a mess and promised them that I did bathe my baby and take care of her, no matter what her little skin looked like. (This sensitive skin thing is getting to be something!!) Anyway--- I hurry through the store, dodging a couple other people I know and make it safe to the checkout lane. I throw my few items on the belt. The cashier looks at Belle and our conversation went like this:

Her :"awww, she's SOOOOO cute, what's her name?"
Me: "Annabelle"
Her: "That sounds like an old lady."
Me: (well, thank you ma'am, thats a very nice thing to say.) "Oh."
Her: "Is she named after anyone's grandma?"
Me: "No, my husband just liked the name"
Her: "oh. Well, what's her middle name?"
Me: (Can we please just pay and end this conversation?!?!?) "Well, her middle name is after my grandmother, it's Peg."
Her: (through laughs, I might add) "ohhhhh... well, WHAT's her last name?!?!?"
Me: (I thought for a minute about making up a name. I thought about "Snodgrass" (when my mom was little, her sister used to tell her that she wasn't really their sister, and that her real last name was Snodgrass. So I thought I'd claim those Snodgrass relatives we fictionally have. Thankfully, I didnt, since I was fixing to pull out my credit card and pay and I didn't want any trouble if my last name didn't match the one on the card. That's all I needed! So, I bit the bullet and said, "her last name is Whitehurst".....
Her: "ooooh. Is she sick? Her face is all red."
Me: (Are you KIDDING me? I was just waiting on her to tell me that I looked like I had just fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down!) I say, "no. she's got really sensitive skin and we are fighting eczema.
Her: "well her eyes are all red, too."
Me: (obviously young cashier lady didn't have kids, because if she did, she would recognize those red watery eyes and realize that sweet girl was trying to potty. I wouldn't have embarrassed my little lady and discussed this with cashier lady, so I said, "yeah, I think it's allergies"
Her: "Is that credit or debit?"
(Rejoicing silently in my head...Praise the Lord, this conversation has come to an end!!!!)

WHY do I keep going back for more? I think I should steer clear from the grocery store. Might help my weight loss goal, too. Cause I came home with the stuff to make dessert tonight, too! Oh my!



Ashley C. Hines said...

I feel your pain with the sensitive skin. Braley’s skins started breaking out around six months and we are still fighting it. She takes Claritin & Zyrtec daily to help…. especially this time of year. Somewhere around the 1 year mark I we had some allergy test ran and Braley tested positive for dairy and eggs. After we switched her to soy milk (it isn’t that bad and with cutting out the milk she drank she can still have cheese, yogurt, ice cream …you now all the good stuff).

Aunt B said...

Oh gosh...I thought you were going to say you ran into an EX...either yours or Devin's.

I had a day like that. I got rooked into going to a Gator Gymnastics spur of the moment. I had just had Charlee and was (and still am) chubby. I had worn jogging pants to school for some odd reason, and had a nappy hair-do ...the story could go on. But guess who I ran into ...Carl Vining I had not seen him since we had broken-up. I know what he was thinking I'm glad I didn't marry that fat ole grubby gal. I could have slipped under the bleachers right then and there in the O'Dome.

Good luck with the icky skin. Katie is 17 and we are still fighting the battle. Recently she has had an attack on her nose. At church Sunday, I asked Bruce if he could help us out before PROM. He said we could hit her with a powerful steroid. So she would look good for the big night.

Stephanie said...

OMG...Katie is 17????

Carrie said...

Let me just say, I am SO proud of you! It's good that you were "protecting your Christian witness" while down at the groccery store because I'm thinking had it been me, I would have sailed over that cash register and hurt that little girl! Except you know I'm not one to fight, but I'm thinking things would change quickly if somebody started messing with my baby!!!

Don't worry over Annabelle's skin. Allie has a huge, bloody scratch down her nose from where she attempted to scratch her own eyes out today rather than take a nap! Desperation.

Crystal said...

Holy cow! How rude of that little hussy!! Anyway, I love Annabelle and her name, and I wish you would've thrown out that Snodgrass!!! Both boys have eczema, Wyatt's is worse, and I've found that using Aquaphor and hydrocortisone cream along with Aveeno baby soap works pretty well to keep it at bay...

Kristy L. Morrison said...

Annie, I have laughed so much reading your conversation with the cashier that I think I cracked a rib! Needless to say, Caroline Louise Schapansky has had very similar reactions-just had one Tuesday myself signing her up for kindergarden....You need to start saving these blogs and write a book!

Life of a Savannah Bride said...

Wow, you were very calm. I think I would've lost it on that girl! I should learn from you.
And, thanks for the instructions for the wreath. I can't wait to make mine!!!

Aleta Kaylee said...

What a nut that woman was! Chances are, if you don't "dress up" to go to the grocery store you will run into everyone. It stinks, but it's the truth. BTW, exzema or not...Miss Annabelle is cute-as-a-button. No worries there. And, I'm guessing people are peeing in the gene pool again...because everyone and their brother thinks that they can say what crosses their mind nowadays. It's rediculous...have a little tact people!

Katie said...

First of all, that's terrible!! Secondly, forgive me, but I was about to die laughing reading this. I cannot believe a real-life conversation would go like that! You cannot make this stuff up. It's amazing what some folks'll say, isn't it?? I busted out laughing and crying at the part where Little Miss was doing her "business." Oh my goodness! Amelia sill goes those red, watery eyes during that...and I admit, when I see her doing that, I hide my face and crack up! Well, I love the name Annabelle...wish I'd have thought of it!! Amelia had a couple patches of eczema, too, here recently and they are still there a little bit. I don't know if it was some kind of allergic reaction to food b/c I didn't change anything else. I've been putting her in the sun and it's helping. Or maybe it's just going away on it's own. Who knows!

And I cannot believe you have full access to an embroidery machine!!! Lucky girl!!! :o)