Friday, March 13, 2009

TO: Spring FROM: Belle

Dear Spring,

Please come and stay.

Because if you dont come and stay, Summer will never get here.

And I am dreaming of Summer!

Plus, I am worried about what my Mommy will dress me up as next. A flower headband first, who knows what's next! It might be the Easter Bunny or something crazy like that! Oh, wait, I see bunny ears... ahhhhhh... SPRING, Come quick, come quick!!!!




Aunt B said...

toooo cute..... I love the bathing suit... why is it that when we are young bath suits look so adorable on us and the older we get the worse they look?

Belle should be a GAP model posed on the shore with her BFF Allie.

Aleta Kaylee said...

Oh my! Mrs. Belle is looking so darn cute. I agree with "Aunt B", both Allie and Belle could SO be models

Carrie said...

So So So Cute! I love it. I'm with Belle, hurry up spring!

Stephanie said...

O.M.G. She is super adorable. Wish I was down there having dinner with you guys. Mom said they were going over to see the nursery and all afterward as well. Miss you so.

Crystal said...

How stinkin' adorable. I love those girls, can't wait to see pics of Annabelle & Allie lounging in the pool!!

HeyHey said...

Oh my goodness!!! Annabelle is too cute! I could eat her up!

Becky said...

Precious, precious, precious....she'll be the belle of the ball, whatever the season.

Katie said...





That is the cutest thing ever! The second picture is hysterical...with those shades....I LOVE IT!!!

Baby Girl, I'm ready for summer, too!!