Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Am I the only one who is blown away by the fact that Easter has come and gone? Where is this year going?!?!?

Sunday morning, Little Miss woke up to see that the "Bunny" had visited our house!

Her basket was filled, but the only thing she was interested in was the candy in her Daddy's basket! She wanted an Almond Joy egg for breakfast so bad! (She is my child for sure...the apple & the tree!) After we wrestled the Almond Joy out of her hand, she decided to size up the goodies in her basket....

After digging through hers and seeing there was no candy in it, it was back to Daddy's... this time drooling over the Reese's Egg.... and yep, we let her eat it. DW said, "It's Easter!" and with that, I unwrapped my own breakfast which consisted of a Cadbury Cream Egg...the best known Easter candy! :)

While we were still on our sugar-high, we got ready for church and headed out....

I'm not naming names, but someone was a little "un-cooperative" (could it have been the sugar??!!?) when it came to Easter pictures this year! :)

This year, we planned to go to church with my Granny on Easter. She's still a member of my childhood church (also the church DW and I were married at). It was so sweet to get to see everyone there.

after church at my parents'

After church, my Mom had cooked a big lunch and we ate at Granny's. It was a slim crew this year--- just us, my Mom & Dad, Granny, & my aunt, uncle & cousin. Emily, who's 11, and Annabelle were the only "egg-hunters" this year, so DW and I hid the eggs for them.

AB assessing the "goods" in Emily's basket

After egg hunting, we enjoyed some bubbles (AB's Pop got her a bubble machine that blows "millions of bubbles"... not sure if it lives up to it's "millions" claim, but it does make some big ones!)

Granny "oohing" over the bubbles inside bubbles!

When the heat started to kick in, AB changed into her bathing suit and jelly shoes (courtesy of the Easter Bunny) and played on her splash mat.

What a good Easter!



carissa @ lowercase letters said...

so glad you had a beautiful easter celebration!!! the family picture is gorgeous!!! you reminded me that i need to go visit the store to find some easter candy on clearance... those cadbury eggs sound so good... i want them for breakfast now! : )

Mallory said...

Your pictures are you have an SLR camera? I'm looking to buy one but can't decide on Canon or Nikon...Love your hair and the picture of the 3 of you, she's smiling so well!

Tamara Ann said...

Your family picture is awesome and I love AB's bathing suit!! Glad you all had a good Easter!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

What a gorgeous family picture!! Really, that's a framer. I love the picture of her playing in the has been SO hot here! I think I need one for myself.

Carrie said...

Y'all look so good in the big family picture. I love Annabelle's dress. My favorite picture may be the one of you're Granny. It's so the "Oooohhhhh...." look on her face. Very sweet. I love that y'all got to spend Easter with her.

Katie said...

Soooooooooooooo sweet! I looooooooooooooooooooove that sweet blue dress and her shoes! A splash mat?! Never heard of one, but it looks like fun!

Janie said...

LOve, love , love , AB's sweet dress and her precious smile! Her beautiful RED hair is really starting to shine!!! The pic of your family is so are so beautiful, inside and out!
Thanks for your sweet words and your coveted are a great friend! Happy (belated) Easter!

Whitney said...

Y'all look beautiful in your blue! :)

Lyndsay said...

I love that you had a cadbury egg for breakfast. They are my favorite!! AB's dress was so cute. It was great to see you guys at church. It seems everykid is into bubbles right now!!

Aleta Kaylee said...

I loved Annabelle's Easter dress AND her bathing suit. Both very very cute. I'm glad y'all had a great (sugar-filled) Easter. Hey, a little sugar never hurt anyone, right? :) And that was a big bubble. I see bubbles are all the rage right now. lol.

Rebecca said...

I am all about some chocolate first thing in the morning (or last thing at night, for that matter)! :)
Oh. my...and the smocked bunny bishop on your sweet girl is just darling!
He is RISEN!

Love to you~ Rebecca

By the way...your hair is fabulous!

Heather said...

Annie, you have a beautiful family! I love seeing how your family spent Easter! Annabelle is a doll, she is absolutely precious!! All the pics are beautiful!