Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"For Such a time as this.."

Last night was bittersweet, as our bible study group finished up Beth Moore's study on Esther, "It's Tough Being a Woman."

I think it's safe to say that none of us wanted it to, especially.

The past 10 weeks have been such a great experience. I have loved my personal daily study time, as well as our weekly group meetings.

In celebration of our "for such a time as this", we had an "Esther-dessert-banquet" (an idea my aunt had given me)... If those people did anything in the book of Esther it was have a banquet, so what better ending to our journey!

While our group was "feasting" on desserts and having our last study, Annabelle was home with her Daddy. He'd taken her for a "feast" of her own... a Happy Meal, complete with toy and all.
Because truly, what 16 month-old little girl's life isn't complete without one of these?!?!?
What's even more disturbing is that AB loves it and giggles out loud when you push this turtle/dragon's (?) tail and his tongue flies out. Nice.



Mallory said...

Have you done any of the other Beth studies? I'm wanting to start one, but wasn't sure which one was great to start with?!

Carrie said...

Your feast turned out so cute! Of course your wiseman turned Mordecai looks just like what I envision the real Mordecai the Jew looking like!!! Ha (: All that purple and gold is making my head swim. I only wish my group would do something fun like this next week!

I am cracking up over that beyond frightening happy meal toy. Yikes! Of course AB loves it. Go figure, right?!

Julianne Hendrickson said...'s the little things! those cupcakes looked INCREDIBLE!

Katie said...

Annie ~ I did the Esther study from the fall until March. Our group stretches things out a bit which was exactly what I needed. ; ) I love loved it so much, too!

Your feast looks wonderful.

Rebecca said...

That thing is sort of freaky! Looks like something that my boys would love, too...I totally don't get it!

Love the feast pics! I love my bible study group, too! We are starting a Beth Moore study in a couple of weeks and I am so ready!!! I've loved every single one that I've done so far!

Lyndsay said...

What a feast! I would like to munch on one of your oreo truffles right about now!!

The toy is really scary but whatever makes em happy right?

Katie said...

The feast looks beautiful! And AK got one of those Happy Meal dinosaurs this past week while we were out of town. Why do our little girls love those ugly things?

Stephanie said...

What a CREEPY toy. I am glad she likes it and is not scared of it! Because it is kind of scary looking with it's tounge sticking out! All those desserts look so yummy. You are quite a woman making all of them while taking care of Willie and AB.

Heather said...

Your feast is quite impressive!! I love the spread and way to go on completing the study. I have always wanted to do that study. I am laughing so hard over the happy meal toy! Why is it that these toys that we can't wait to throw away put the biggest smiles on our kids faces? Leave to the men of our family to do this!:)

Dani and Dave said...

LOVED the Esther bible study. I too was sad when it ended, but took so much away! Just wanted to remind you about the Beth Moore simulcast on April 24th. You can go to to register. Invite some friends too! It's going to be GREAT! :)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i'm so glad you chose a dessert banquet!!! such a fantastic and tasty idea. i'm doing beth's daniel study - so good! it's adorable that ab loves that lil' dragon thing. as long as she carries a doll along with it, right! ; )