Thursday, April 1, 2010

A "Pretty" Post...sort of....

Now that I've gotten all that out on my last post, it's time to move on to a new "pretty" one.

Since the last post only had a picture of poor 'ole Quasimoto, I figured I better get some cute ones of my girl up fast! (* Speaking of Q, Just a side note- since I didn't allow comments on my last post, I've had a few people email me to tell me that I don't look like Quasimoto and that in fact, if I wanted to peddle chicken wings in hot pants and panty-hose I could. Yall are sweet, but I promise I don't think I'm quite as bad as Quasimoto (bless his heart). I was just trying to prove a point, and certainly wasn't "fishing for compliments" to hear that I was 'cute'! That's why sometimes on posts like that one, I disable my comments. But again, yall are sweet to want to reassure me.) :)

We recently took TWO trips to see the Easter Bunny at the mall.

Let me just say that the bunny in these pictures is not the pretty part. Said bunny had to be the scariest one the mall has ever had. He was an orangy-brown color, had an awful navy blue vest and bowtie on and was so stick thin, he looked malnourished. If I was a kid, I'd have probably been scared he was so hungry he might eat me. You know what they say about the "apple and the tree", because my little apple was bit scared of The Bunny.

AB was fine with the Bunny as long as someone was holding her. She was smiling and waving and saying, "heeeeeeyyy!", but the minute we put her down on his lap, she got the look. Her arms went straight out reaching for someone to safely grab her up! We (me with our camera) and the girl at the mall snapped a few pictures as fast as we could. Here's the best pictures I got (it's the classic AB "I'm fixing to cry, but it looks like I am smiling, kind of-pose":

The mall-girl didn't get any that had AB's eyes open or that didn't have her arms stretched straight out, in the "you better pick me up right now" position. I figured we could try it again another day, since The Bunny would be at the mall for another couple weeks.

A week passed and last Sunday afternoon, we ventured up to the mall to try it again. The girl remembered us. She looked at DW and said, "Yall back to try it again?" I'm sure she only remembered us because of how cute our girl is, and NOT because we are THOSE people with THAT kid, RIGHT???? Right. Surely.

We were standing in line and I just knew that it was the day we'd get to buy our overpriced, poorly printed picture to add to our collection, because AB was all smiles. This time, she was
even blowing The Bunny kisses. I was sure she'd remembered him and remembered that he hadn't bitten her with his big bucked-bunny teeth last time, so she was safe this time. We were on deck. As the family in front of us moved on to view their pictures, DW eased up close to The Bunny. AB was loving it. She was petting the Bunny, and "talking" to him, but the minute DW tried to sit her in his lap, she turned it on. The nose crinkled, the lip pooched out and the hands went straight back up toward her Daddy. Me and Mall-Girl snapped as quick as our cameras would snap, and here's what we bought. Yes, friends, this is our $17.00, 2010 Easter picture. I, myself, think it's hilarious and that one day she'll look back and this picture and have a good laugh.

The kicker, is that the day before we took her (the first time) to see The Bunny, was opening day for Spring Gobbler hunting season. DW killed a big one and AB wasn't the least bit scared of it. She even TOUCHED it. Ewwww, I know...

And lest anyone get the idea that this is such a "pretty" post, let me keep it real and "transparent". My girl has a turkey feather in her hair in this picture. And it was taken right after she'd just spit. Yep, she's in a camouflage jacket and she spit. A "trick" she's picked up from her Pop, who thinks its hilarious. Me?
Looking like Quasimoto is the least of my worries! Ha....

So have yall been to see The Bunny yet this year and were your kids scared of him?????


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

so presh! i love her "I'm fixing to cry, but it looks like I am smiling, kind of-pose!" so darn cute! i can't really blame her. who knows where that bunny has been. i think you paying $17 was worth every penny. : )

Charon Benton said...

No bunnies for us stinky boys could care less about him--they'd rather have the candy.....hence the reason we are heading to DW next week...(not YOUR DW, but MY DW) LOLOLOL
We'll see how I do on SUnday with Easter pictures. That should be yet another chore.
BUt--AB in those pictures is a doll and I especially love your 2010 easter picture! AND the guy in blue standing behind the easter bunny! HA!

Mallory said...

The pictures you took are too cute. She's got me fooled with her "smile!" I love the turkey pictures too! :)

Whitney said...

AB looks adorable in those pictures I think! I just read your last post! I've had that kind of week too... a friend's 19 month old cousin was abused and beaten to death by girlfriends boyfriend and this has been going on for months. I couldn't sleep last night b/c of how sickened I was by this! My sister just had a miscarriage, my other friend and her husband who just go a head coaching job at one of our rival schools lost a player to a traumatic head injury during practice, another friend's child has an agressive cancer. Ugh!

I was listening to the song, "This is the day the Lord has made" this morning with my girls while taking Morgan to school and their eyes were lit up, they were smiling, and clapping and my attitude changed! :) Satan knows just the way to attack us!

Julianne Hendrickson said...

She does not like situations she is not familiar with! Between the chicks and the bunny I don't know how she is still standing!

Carrie said...

Tell me no, Annabelle has learned to spit. Way to go Papa! I'd ask which Grandpa, but I think I know :) That is just too much. Maybe she will teach Allie tomorrow and Allie can teach her to say "Shoot!" since that's our best trick these days.

That is an a starving bunny rabbit if I have ever seen one! What the heck were the mall people think?! He must have been doubt it was the poor economy driving the selection team.

Annabelle looks SOOOOO cute! I love the $17 picture. One day you can threaten her and say it might just make it in the yearbook. My favorite picture is the sweet one of her and Devin laughing. That is priceless.

Heather said...

Love these pics, especially the close up at then end!! She will laugh at the bunny pic on day! Mollie Kate wouldn't go near the thing! Love her outfit by the way! :)

Jenn said...

Oh my word ... that turkey picture? ew!! and the look on her face!! ;)
Love it!