Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blue Run 2010

We wrapped up VBS on Thursday night (the 22nd) and headed for Blue Run Friday at lunch! The whole family was ready for our week on the water. It’s hard to believe the week has come and gone already. I think we’d all agree that one week in the summer just isn’t enough! :) 

It’s so laid back at the river, which means pony tails, and no make-up, and a weeklong wardrobe of bathing suits and cover-ups.

You can almost always bet on an afternoon rain, which is the perfect napping weather, after a hard day of laying in the sun and floating in the water.

Here’s the recap of our week (my pictures, especially the collages aren’t in order…they’re from all throughout the week):

On Friday night, it’s family tradition (and has been long before me), to get pizza for dinner on first night we’re there. We (the girls and the kids) were already down there, but DW, his Daddy & Adam all drove down after work.

After we’d eaten, we took a boat ride and anchored near the head at our favorite spot. It’s the biggest clear spot on the river (no grass), which means it’s a sure bet that I’ll get out of the boat. (I can’t handle the grass…if you want to hear me scream, let my leg touch some of that grass.. eeeccck… I get chills just thinking about it.)

Sam, Marianne & Gracie were here from D.C., so they got the spend the weekend with us, too! We enjoyed getting to spend some time with Sam & Marianne, but who we REALLY enjoyed was Gracie.

AB & Gracie getting ready for a boat ride!

She’s grown so much since we saw her last, and she is such a sweet girl. AB loved having Gracie around, too!!!She would actually get in the water and want to STAY in when Gracie was around (even at the pool at her Pappy & Granny’s house, which is basically unheard of… AB is the kid who wants in, then out, then in, then out, then in, then out… you get the idea…) :)

After our boat ride and swim, we headed back to the house for some cards and Scattegories. sam Adam, Sam & Gracie playing a big game of “Go Fish”

Saturday, everyone came back down to spend the day. We floated and swam, and ate. The perfect day. ab boating

Aunt Lauren, Elliot & Taylor


The guys always swim across the river when we’re just swimming at the house…I tried ONCE to swim across and the grass touched my leg and I nearly drowned. DW had to swim out to the middle and get me. I’ll NEVER try it again. :) Here’s my FIL, DW, Adam, Sam, Marianne, and some of our cousins who were also staying down at their family’s house, after they all swam across…they’re deciding who’s going to climb the tree and jump out! ha..)

Sam’s wife, Marianne is a photographer. She took a few pictures of Annabelle that were so sweet.  She also got one of me and AB, and even though, I have no make-up on, I love it… marianne3 I’m usually the one taking the pics, so there aren’t many of just us! She got some great ones of Aunt Nen & AB, too.

Sunday was another family fun day. We grilled steaks and made homemade ice cream, because what is summer without that???play playing

AB & Daddy

Monday morning came early for DW and Adam. They were so sweet and drove back and forth to work every day.

The weekdays for Lauren and I were slightly more relaxed. :) 

We’d take AB down to the water to play for a while before her morning and afternoon naps. abw

During her naps, though, we’d take the monitor down by the water with us, and we’d soak up some sun. When it would get too hot, we’d tie our floats up and float in the water to cool off. I could have kept this routine for at least another three weeks. :)float

My Float, calling my name…


On Monday, Lauren invited some friends and their kids down for the  day. AB likes some babies these days, so she loved checking on baby Hoyt when he was in his Pack’n’Play. That afternoon, AB and I headed back to our house, because DW and I had a meeting that evening, so we just spent the night at our house. But Tuesday morning, AB and I  headed back to the river bright and early!

The rest of the week was the same kind of routine… sunning, swimming, boating, floating, and eating… playing1

We cooked dinner at the house on Tuesday night, ate Mexican on Wednesday and on Thursday night, we went down to the Blue Gator. scne 

We’d never been to the Blue Gator, and we’ll definitely go back. The atmosphere was so fun…you eat outside, there was live music, and the food was great! bluegator1 

It was such a great week this year!

DW’s dream is when he retires to buy a motor home (the big bus kind), and during football season, we’ll follow the Gators on the road to all their away games. I’m just counting down the days until retirement, let me tell you. (ha.) However, I’m starting to think that maybe that dream would sound better, to me, if retirement included our own house at Blue Run….with a barn big enough to park the motor home in, of course! ha…



Mallory said...

I really enjoyed your pictures. I can't believe how well AB smiles at the camera...she's got the most gorgeous smile, eyes, and cutest hair! She's real stylish too. I think she's starting to look more like Cooper in your header. :)

Carrie said...

What a fun week! I love all the great pictures. There are so many good ones of Annabelle, and the picture of you you with Belle (and no makeup-ha!) is wonderful. Looks like a good time was had by all!!!

Rebecca said...

Looks like y'all had a great time! I did a lot of the same at the beach week before last...I just wish we were close enough to the water to take the monitor with me! :) That's awesome!
Miss Belle is getting so big! I just love watching her grow...you know, she's really taking to the babies, now?!?! ;)
Oh...the big news around here is that Pam Tebow (yes, Timmy's mom) sent me a handwritten note! Wyatt wants to frame it. It's definitely one for the scrapbook!

Keep soakin' up the sun! I just love suntans and summertime!

The Marino Family said...

I'm so glad you guys had a good time!! You did sing the song when you got near the house..."We love you Blue Run".... ha I love the pic of you and AB at the dock.

Lauren said...

It was an amazing week of sun and food!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Your family's river house looks like such a such a fun and peaceful place. What a blessing! Ya'll know how to do a vacation right...because a vacation isn't a vacation without GOOD FOOD!!!

Seizing My Day said...

Wow that looks like an amazing time!! I am with you on the girly screamin when things touch your legs!! ha ha! the older I get the more I want to cry at the thought of getting in a lake or a river! haha!
AB is So adorable in her sun wardrobe!! =)