Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A new season…

I know I’ve said it before and we all know it, but I’ll say it again…

Florida has two seasons. Hot and cool.

and our family has 3 seasons. Beach, football and Christmas.

DW took the last part of last week off from work and our little trio headed over to my in-laws’ condo for one last “horrah” at the beach before the season is over. The countdown is on around here for the next season to begin and the man of the house (like most people we know) couldn’t be more ready!

But before THAT season begins, there was still a little more beach fun to be had!


The beach, or any vacation for that matter, is not the same once you have kids. Don’t get me wrong, they make it tons of fun and even better than before, and as a parent, I can’t think of anything better than seeing my child have a fun time, but once you have kids the “relaxing” part of vacation is much different…especially when you have toddlers!

Last year was totally different at the beach than it was this year. Little Miss wasn’t walking and was even content to nap on the beach under an umbrella. She’d float in her baby float in the pool and compared to this year was really “easy”…

I want to remember how she was this summer, so I’m writing it down! (Mixed in are some pics from last week)…



We had so much fun at the beach this summer. DSC_2115 We have loved seeing you “priss” around in your different swim suits and the ones with ruffles nearly send me over the edge. DSC_1988  DSC_1430

You are an absolute doll in all of them!

You are pretty good about keeping your sun hat on, and for that I am thankful. DSC_1856 We have had a few meltdowns over it, but you were easily distracted by some seagull chasing. Speaking of chasing the birds, it’s one of your favorite things to do at the beach. DSC_1828

Last summer, you ate the sand. It still gives me a chill up my spine to remember it! This summer started out with you HATING the sand, and while you’re still not a big fan, you will actually play in it some now! We’re proud of the progress. We have high hopes of some serious sand castle building next year, little miss! DSC_1838

You love the ice cream truck, and have all summer. You look for him when you hear the music. I feel horrible that on our last trip this week, we couldn’t catch him. I blame the grouchy, mean, driver…Daddy blamed me…he said I didn’t even try to flag him down. Oh well, either way, you ended up with no ice cream, and I’m sorry! Next summer, baby, next summer!

Daddy has started to bray (is that the word?) like a donkey…he’s dubbed himself the official pack-mule of the beach. Ha… It’s okay, though…he knows you NEED all the buckets, cups, shovels, toys, sippies and snacks…we can’t forget the SNACKS!

You are just like the rest of your family, and feel like you need to “snack” when you’re at the beach.  Every trip, for most of the day, you’ve had a snack in one hand and your drink in the other. DSC_1730

You are happiest when we give you your very own baggie of Goldfish or Cheez-its.

We did have a serious snack discovery this summer at the beach…and you and I have come to the conclusion that the only thing better than a Golden Oreo, is a Double Stuffed Golden Oreo.2010-08-14_15-12-57_929 DOUBLE YUMMMM. I love that you love them, too! It’s “our” thing…that and Peanut Butter M&Ms! We can polish off the medium sized bag in 3 days at the beach! I’m not just saying that, we’ve actually done it this year! DSC_1570

Another favorite of yours is still “ICE” (although it doesn’t last as long on the beach!) … you’d have a cup with you at all times. You are crazy about some ice, girl! The rest of us have fallen in love with the Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker this summer… it shaves ice and we couldn’t love it more. It makes great snow-cones, smoothies and my favorite, frozen limeades! On our last trip to the beach, we had then every day! It was definitely a favorite for me! 2010-08-15_13-22-27_500

You love to fill  buckets, cups, ANYTHING, with water from the ocean.DSC_1521 You usually like to have something in each hand to fill, unless one hand is pre-occupied by holding said snacks…yes, you insist on taking your snacks to the water with you. We tried our hardest to get you to leave them in the chair with me, but you’re smarter than that…you know Mommy might eat them before you get back! DSC_1473

You LOVE the waves. You love it when Daddy lets you “ride” them and swings you up high. DSC_1773 We loved hearing you laugh and squeal while doing that this summer!

You like having your own chair. DSC_1812You’re in the throws of toddlerhood and you’re not big on sharing anyway, but you REALLY want your own chair by the water. Particularly your Daddy’s chair. Even when we smartened up towards the end of the summer and started bringing you your own, you still wanted the one he was sitting in. He’s decided you’re such a GIRL, but he always gave you his chair. No one is more crazy about you than Daddy…and believe me, there are lots of us who are CRAZY about you! DSC_1992

You have been pretty content to play with the buckets, shovels, and sand toys for a little while, but you love the spend most of your beach time in the water. DSC_1752 You are ready to head to the water as soon as your Daddy sits down. The entire summer, it never failed…every time he sat down, you were grabbing his hand and pulling him up,DSC_2001

or running toward the ocean and stopping to see if he was following you! DSC_1696 He loves it though. DSC_1690 Daddy’s not a “sit and sun” kind of person either, so you and him are two peas in a pod. DSC_1509 I think you’ll both have a blast when you’re old enough to go way out in the water and play in the big waves!  DSC_2034 DSC_1746

I’ve never been one to like being in a bathing suit. I like to keep my cover up on, take it off right when I get to my chair on the beach or by the pool, take it off, sit down as quickly as possible, and lay flat, while trying to conceal my flab. If you lay a certain way, you can do it…but you can’t move. You have to lay still. Things change, though, because laying flat and still is not an option anymore! … I think you know right when I get my suit adjusted and get in “position” because you run toward the ocean forcing me to jump up without even enough time to make sure all my business is covered before chasing after you! DSC_1711 And there’s no more “laying out”… how could I watch you and all the cute things you do if I’m laying??!  Yep, I’m a sitter and sun-er this year! That’s okay, though… I wouldn’t change one thing. We’ve had some serious fun this year, sweet girl!  DSC_2004

DSC_2055 DSC_1620 

Of course, Daddy and I (along with your adoring grandparents, aunts and uncles) think you are the cutest girl on the beach. I’ve got a feeling that won’t be changing next year! DSC_2078

I can’t wait to see what you are like next Summer!

I love you-



Since this trip wrapped up our beach season, and we’ve got a couple weeks before the next one… it only means one thing… getting ready for it…every year, we have to make a special shopping trip for our Gator gear! Here’s a picture after last year’s shopping trip…I think I need a minute after seeing this picture…she was SO little!!! I cant believe how much she’s changed in a year! DSC_1429

We’ve already got AB a couple of things for this season, including this dress her Daddy and I got her on our South Carolina trip last year for the game… I’d forgotten about it, because it was hanging in the back of her closet, but I found it a couple weeks ago when I was packing away some of her summer clothes. I tried it one her, to make sure it will fit this year and it does, perfectly! I think it’s just darling and I love it! 

We do still want to get her a  cheerleader uniform for this year…it will be hard to beat last year’s… I may get that one again for this year, if they have it in her size since I love it so much!



Immeasurably More Mama said...

Ya'll make the perfect beach bums! And Miss AB couldn't be any cuter in her ruffle bottom bathing suits!!! The two of you have excellent taste in snacks and we would enjoy snacking with you anytime. :)The end of beach season is sad at least the next season brings its own kind of fun...GO GATORS!!!

Lyndsay said...

Such great memories Annie! I love the "letter" to AB and I'm sure one day she will too. Here's hoping the next season is a good one. I need to get Gus some Gator stuff, I hadn't thought of that yet!!

Dani and Dave said...

Sooo cute!! Cori and I have to do some gator shopping too! I can't wait! :)

Mallory said...

What a FUN trip it looks like you guys had!! AB and those ruffled suits are toooo much! I could eat her up! ;) Ok, not literally...and you have great legs! Hope I'm a hot momma like you! ;)

Julianne Hendrickson said...

That Gator Girl outfit has to be the cutest thing ever. You take the best pictures! Will you share what type of camera you have/lenses? THis is such a sweet scrapbook for you baby--she will love it when she is older!

Sherrie said...

I can't believe how big she is getting! It looks like you had an amazing summer. I can't believe I start back to school a week from today. :(

Katie said...

She is so precious! And you are absolutely beautiful! Man, I wish I was at the beach right now.....I'm literally crying over the end of summer...crying!!!

Charon Benton said...

Of course, AB is sweet as ever--and you know how I feel about Aunt Catfish's, YUM! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach and the ice-cream truck? We won't go there. LOL

Carrie said...

LOVE it all! What a fun summer beach re-cap. It's crazy to think that one day Annabelle will be big enough to sit up and read all about her many adventures as a baby and toddler. Preserving memories, that's what we're doing ;) I love that you have even included your favorite snacks and am shocked you fessed up to the laying out SECRET! Ha!!!

Tania said...

That letter to AB is so sweet. She is looking so grown up. Thanks for sharing with us.

Aleta Kaylee said...

I LOVED all the pictures of AB at the beach. Oh. My. Gosh. Annie, she is so beautiful. All of her little bathing suits were the cutest ever. (Like you, I love some ruffles). And the pictures of her and her daddy, so precious. It sounds like that little girl has him wrapped around her pretty little finger. :) I love the gator dress. It looks and sounds like y'all had the best time. I'm so glad. (Please note, I saw the Aunt Catfishes sign...and as I commented on Charon's blog the other day...their food is to die for. How did I go so long without hearing about it? Lol. I hope you and AB are having a great week...and eating plenty of peanut butter m&ms :)

Heather said...

I love this post!! So fun and I adore the pictures of AB in the ocean with the sippy cup and pail looking back at y'all! You look beautiful and what great family time this was! She does look so cute in all her swimsuits! Seeing summer come to an end is sad, and remind me to send you some UK cups for the beach next year! :)

annalee said...

haha, these 3 seasons are great!
adelaide had the same yellow and white swimsuit for this past beach season and has the same adorable plaid dress to wear this football season (but for UT).

Jana said...

Give it another 2 years and she'll be doing like my kids do...pulling down on my top while standing in waist deep water so they don't drown. I spend half the trip making sure "my business" stays covered!
She's just precious!!

Seizing My Day said...

You are going to be so glad you wrote this down!! ;) I wish I could go back to my thoughts when my babes were smaller! I just don't write out my words well ... Lovely job! It makes me so sad that beach season is nearly over... though our beaches are not nearly as lovely as yours!! ;)