Monday, August 16, 2010

DW’s Birthday

Last week was also DW’s birthday.

Tuesday night we had dinner at my in-law’s to celebrate. DSC_1353

DW’s Daddy wanted to do something “different,” so we had Japanese at home! They’d set up two big grill/griddles in the garage and Adam & Pappy cooked everything out there… DW had to get in on the action, he just can’t help himself…DSC_1355

All they were missing were the tall white chef’s hats and accents, of course..although Adam had it down pretty good!

We had steak, shrimp and chicken, along with fried rice and veggies. It was REALLY good and something “different” for sure! DSC_1366

My little sister-in-law even looked up how to make the “Yum-Yum” sauce and they’d made that, too. We even had little bowls for our teriyaki and yum-yum sauce, but AB thought crushed up peppermints would be better in hers…


DSC_1376We celebrated early (on Tuesday) this year, because on Wednesday DW, AB and I were heading to the beach for a little family time/mini-vacation.

DW took Thursday (his actual birthday) and Friday off, so we had a few extra days to soak up the sun and enjoy being together…more on that later, though! Back to the Birthday…

We were at the beach on his actual birthday (Thursday), and he was feeling some good Mexican food for his birthday meal… (we were so multi-cultural in our food choices last week)!

I was just as excited that he chose Mexican, because I was looking forward to this:

2010-08-12_17-11-32_327 chips, salsa and the best queso ever! Even AB agrees…2010-08-12_17-11-48_819 After our meal, we had to order a birthday dessert! Fried ice cream was the winner:


Daddy was a good sport, and shared his birthday treat with baby girl, who was taken by the cherry on top! 2010-08-12_17-37-12_806

I hope DW felt as celebrated as he should! I don’t really have adequate words when it comes to him.

I’m just thankful he’s ours.



Heather said...

OH my word girl, that food looks amazing!! How fun to cook that way and do something different! Love it! Happy birthday to your man, these pictures are so good!

Lyndsay said...

That food looks fantastic and the cookie cake, which is a favorite of mine too!

Lauren said...

We love DW too!!! Glad we celebrated multi culturally this year!! Can't wait to hear about your beach vaca :)

The Marino Family said...

Glad DW had a great birthday and that you guys enjoyed your mini vacation at the beach.

Charon Benton said...

Happy Birthday DW--and just WHERE in Daytona did you find that awesome lookin' mexican food???????????