Monday, February 7, 2011

Farm Chicks

Don’t let the hairbows and ruffles fool you. DSC_7258

These girls have farm-roots a mile long.

Yep, they do both love the color pink (which AB pronounces, “tink”), baby dolls, and makeup, but they also love a tractor. In fact, Allie Claire even asked Santa Clause to bring her one for Christmas this year. AB happens  think that EVERY tractor is “Ah-um” (Uncle Adam).

I like to think it’s in their blood, and I’m certain it will be in their raising.

Saturday, we met Carrie, Adam, Allie Claire and her cousin Gus, for some lunch and then a local Tractor & Farm Toy Show.  Carrie had to take some pics for the paper and we all tagged along…

There were lots of old restored tractors on hand and proud exhibitors showing them off. DSC_7127

Inside, there were TONS of farm toys. Everything from old toy tractors to new toy tractors, and everything else a kid would need to play farm.

I’m not sure what ever happened to my brother, Beau’s, extensive farm-toy collection, but we logged many a mile with those metal tractors. We’d set them all up on the fireplace in our living room and “farm” for hours. The grout lines in between the bricks were our perfectly laid out rows of peanuts and watermelons and we’d plow them until it was time to bale hay. I remember him even having a toy hay baler that had a tiny plastic round hay bale that would plop out. The farm toy show had ALL of it! It was so fun seeing all of those toys again, and so many different ones, too. DW was loving the walk down memory lane, too… with three little farm boys in his family, they really did have ALL of the equipment back then.

Of course, one certain little farm boy, who is never far from my thoughts, was filling them that afternoon. Coopie loved his toy tractors and I can only imagine how fun he would have been at the toy tractor show. I know we wouldn’t have gotten out of there without buying several things! :) How sweet to see something with his name on it… and in his favorite colors, too. DSC_7128

Annabelle was enjoying seeing all the “cack-ters”, but didn’t want her Daddy to put her down. She wasn’t sure about the crowd.

She finally warmed up in time to watch the antique tractor parade outside.DSC_7216




These next pictures are hilarious… Allie Claire is seriously one of the most fun children I’ve ever known. She is always excited and you never know what she’s going to say or do. It’s always a hoot. One minute she was waving to the tractor drivers and the next she was a planting a big kiss on AB’s cheek…such sweet little friends…

DSC_7202    DSC_7203 



After the parade it was time to head home. As we were walking back to the truck, we all spotted this black beauty which was a 1927 model, I think… DSC_7236

We stood the kids in front for a photo op, but they were too busy admiring the car (or their reflections in the shiny paint job) to be bothered with a picture.


AB was screaming, “Up, Up!”…she wanted IN that car! The owner, who was close by told us to put them in it. Of course we did, because what a cute picture that would be! DSC_7262




After Thelma & Louise took a spin, Gus decided he wanted in on the action, too… I’m not sure when they’ve ever thought they were bigger stuff… DSC_7268

Lord, help us all when they are old enough to drive and they’re riding around like this… DSC_7266I’m not sure the Tri-county area will ever be the same.



Lyndsay said...

I love the pictures! I heard all about the big time Gus had with the girls. It is going to be a scary day for sure if Gus is driving around Allie and AB!!

Mallory said...

These pictures make me sad...y'all are wearing short sleeves, while up here in Missouri we've got our parkas out weathering in the snow! No, really, the pictures are adorable. AB and AC are tooooo cute!

Carrie said...

Saturday was a lot of fun! The pictures of Allie kissing Belle are my favorite! So, so sweet. Thanks for saying AC is fun. We think she is too :)

I love that y'all were thinking about Cooper on Saturday. I thought about him too as we were walking around. I though Lord have mercy, if Cooper was here Devin would be one broke daddy buying IT ALL!!!

Tania said...

Love looking at all the pictures and hearing about your day.

Charon Benton said...

LOVE that you found an orange and blue item with Cooper on it...he loved his orange color!!!! Sweet baby boy!! I am so glad you had a fun day with your friends and AB and AC are ADORABLE!!!!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

What a fun day! My boys would have loved seeing all those tractors. :) The pictures of Annabelle planting one on Allie Claire's cheek are just precious! They are such sweet friends. And how special for Cooper to be on your mind and then find something orange & blue with his name on it! Such a sweet reminder that you carry him in your heart wherever you go. :)

Lauren said...

What sweet pictures and little friends! I am loving Allie's boots. Uncle Adam needs to hit up Klover Leaf to cheak on some boots for AB!