Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big Green Tractor

Welcome to our front porch.


See the rows in the field out front?

Everyone who knows us and has driven by our house recently has one question…  WHAT is going on out there?

WATERMELONS, that’s what…DSC_7784

As long as we’ve lived here, and for many years before that, the pasture in front of our house has been just that… a pasture. Many a cow has called it home in the winter and spring months, and many a hay bale has been baled on it in the summer months. But this year, the farm is growing watermelons out there.

The land was plowed and fertilized and nearly-perfect rows were laid out, just waiting for the drip tape and plastic to be laid, too. DSC_7785

Annabelle has been over-seeing this watermelon deal from the beginning. She stands in either my office or her playroom window or occasionally at our front door and sees about the melon patch EVERY day. She watches the tractors and loaders and gator and trucks as they work their way down our drive and through the field, all the while giving me the low-down. Ironically, EVERY truck and tractor that passes is “Ah-um.”  Our girl has a Texas-sized tender spot in her heart for her Uncle Adam.

He knew she’d been watching him all week from inside the house, so on Saturday, he promised her a tractor ride.

Not one to break a promise, on Saturday mid-morning, we heard the tractor pull up and the horn beep…DSC_7760

DSC_7761Miss Priss was all ready to go. Decked out in her water “doots” (as she calls them) and Whitehurst Cattle Company T-shirt. She looked like she was born to be on the farm crew. Except for the pink and red boots and hair bow. :)DSC_7818



This big green tractor is so fancy it even has a “buddy-seat”… AB wasn’t interested in sitting in it, though. She thought “Aunt Nen” needed to sit there. DSC_7772

So off they went. Adam was doing something that needed done (in other words I don’t have a clue) and the girls were along for the ride. DSC_7790DW and I watched from our front porch and laughed every time the horn beeped, which was  A LOT. Uncle Adam was probably regretting showing AB where it was.

After making it down one row and back up another, AB was ready to clock out…

But not before paying Uncle Adam with a kiss for the “cack-ter” ride. DSC_7800

I love this pic. DSC_7803Up close, you can see both DW and Lauren smiling from ear to ear. A certain curly-headed, blue-eyed girl does that to ALL of us around here.

So what did little miss think of her tractor ride? DSC_7825

She was walking taller all day. Big, big stuff…that’s what she is.



Lauren said...

Uncle Adam needs the picture of AB in her boots squaking down for the office! Who am I kiding Aunt Nen need it too! We just can't love her enough :) We had a blas driving around with her sweet self!

Charon Benton said...

Absolutely adorable! You know Carter's favorite song is "Big Green Tractor". WOuldn't he and AB just make a pair riding around in one? LOL

Lyndsay said...

Such cute pictures! Gus and I rode with my dad in his big green tractor last week too.

Mallory said...


Immeasurably More Mama said...

There's no doubt she's a farm girl through and through...even with the pink & red "doots" and hairbow! :)

Carrie said...

I can't get over how long Miss Thing's hair is getting!!! My favorite picture is the one of her squatting down cheesing with her water boots on!!!