Friday, July 29, 2011

Blue Run 2011- The Pictures

Last Friday, we headed to the river house for our family’s week at Blue Run.

It’s one of our favorite places for sure. We say it a lot, but DW and I want to retire there someday…with a house that also has a shed big enough to park his future motor home in. :)

We’d packed the car with everything I thought we’d need. But of course, I always forget something. When we got to the river, I realized it was the ONE thing AB requested we bring… her “ninos”, “Pinky & Pete”… In the most dramatic show of her life, she threw her hand over her face and said, “Oh, NOOOOOOO! My Ninos!!!” Thankfully Pappy & Nie-Nie picked them up on their way back down on Saturday morning.DSC_1779 All was right in AB’s plastic-yard-ornament-loving-world, until Tuesday when she saw them getting rained on. I assured her they were fine and they were just “getting a bath.” We have a beach vacation planned at the end of August with my parents, and I am sure Pinky & Pete will be headed to Destin with us then, too.

The weekend was filled with nothing but sunshine, refreshing cold water, sweet family time and lots of yummy food. It was the perfect Blue Run weekend and just like we like it. DSC_1859

DW, Me & AB


Our nephew, Warren, doing a flip the SECOND time he’d ever jumped off the diving board! He’s FOUR and FEARLESS.


“Aunt Nen” looking oh-so-cute in her flippers and float!


The boat crew…


Taylor, AB & Kels


DW & Pappy taking a river-bath. Nine summers ago, on my first trip with Devin, I thought they were all crazy when they busted out the shampoo and soap to bathe in the river! It’s a tradition and one I’m thankful to now be part of. :)  The men in this family will proudly tell you they’ve NEVER stepped foot in the bathtub at the river house. The women will all tell you we have. :)


Our girl and her favorite part of ANYWHERE we go…playing with her #1 guy, Daddy.

The week offered a little less sunshine, but that’s okay, we still had lots of fun.

Netting for minnows…



Having tea parties…DSC_1924

and just watching AB be so dang cute…



Baby Sister got her first fishing pole, the pink princess one, of course, (which she calls a “Fishing Rod”) and caught her first fish! DSC_1916

She also showed off her swimming skills and ventured into the water by herself. The water was low, and she scored a new pair of swimmy shoes on our of our Wal-Mart runs, so she was able to stand and walk in the water alone. DSC_1986

The first day we were there, she even dove down to the bottom to pick up rocks, but for some reason wouldn’t do it again the whole week. Who knows… She’s definitely two & a half years old, and has a mind of her own.

She also got some fish cards on a Wal-Mart run and so we played lots of match and Go-Fish. She was so cute playing and by the end of the week could identify the fish on the cards!  DSC_1952


Of course there are tales to tell from our week on the river, but I’ll save those for another day…



Tania said...

Love that she had to have "Pinky and Pete" with her. She is a cutie.

Crystal said...

I love that she's so attached to those "ninos" and I love the picture of her in her paisley suit with those sunglasses. That girl is too much!! (And I'm also glad the girls have gotten in the tub!!)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I had a feeling you were at the river. :) These pictures are all so good but the men sudsing their hair in the river takes the cake! Too funny! Thank goodness for Pappy and Nie-Nie otherwise a perfectly good week at the river would have been ruined without Pinky & Pete, right? ;)

The Marino Family said...

Glad you guys had a wonderful time!! Can't wait to hear your other stories. ha

Aleta Kaylee said...

OMG, it looks like y'all had so much fun. That would be a perfect place to vacation. I love that she is still so very attached to her plastic pets ;) Adorable, Annie

Janie said...

Oh, how I miss home!! The water looked so inviting and COLD!! So glad ya'll had a great time. The river is a great place to just chill and relax. I am so thankful to know my family members aren't the only ones taking a bath in the river!! It's one of my favorite memories of my Grandpa! Fun memories!!

Carrie said...

Belle looks WAY too grown in these pictures!!! I can't believe she caught her first picture. I am so proud of her :)