Friday, July 8, 2011

The Fourth

We had lots of fun this Fourth of July weekend!

Friday night we started the weekend off with dinner at my parents’. My brother & sister in law came in that afternoon and since we’d be away for most of their visit, we wanted to see them before we left.

Saturday morning we headed for the beach! We didn’t have everyone this year, but we still had quite a crew packed in the condo! It’s always more fun, though, when a bunch of us are there. Beach 2011 182

For lunch that day, DW’s little sister had requested we set up a tent and eat on the beach. We usually just go upstairs for lunch, so it was fun to do something different.

Beach 2011 180

Beach 2011 196

AB fell in L.O.V.E. with the orange and blue flamingos that her Pappy had set up in front of the tent! Beach 2011 173She named them “Pinkie & Pete.”Beach 2011 203

My patriotic contributions to the lunch were a carved melon with fresh fruit Beach 2011 185and I made some red, white and blue cupcakes that I’d seen on Ashley’s blog. They turned out really cute, but I forgot to take a picture.

We had lots of fun soaking up the sun and playing in the waves that afternoon. 2011-07-02_11-41-33_60

We spent some time in the pool, too, so that AB could show everyone what she’d been learning in swim school! She was FEARLESS that day and was beginning to scare me a little. We’re so proud of her, though.

That afternoon, we ate dinner at Red Robin and then got ready for the race. Typically it’s all the guys that go to the race, but DW’s older brother didn’t go this year and our nephew didn’t want to go, so we had two extra tickets. So Lauren and I got to go! I went two years ago and LOVED it. Lauren got to go last year, but it rained and it wasn’t really a good first race experience. We were excited to get to go to our second race together!

The race crew all ready to go: P1010240

We all got our picture in front of our driver’s trailer…P1010246

and here’s me and DW on the way to our seats with our guy’s car behind us…P1010253

This time, I actually bought some NASCAR merchandise. I felt like a souvenir was in order, since I didn’t buy anything at my first race! It was hot and humid and I knew I’d want my hair off my neck by the end of the night, so when I saw it, I had to get a Kyle Busch scrunchi. Ha… P1010270I promise to only wear it on race day. :) Since this was my second race, and I knew what to expect, I also got some ear plugs.  AND… because my FIL loves me, he rented the headset/in car camera screen again this time. P1010284I love to hear what the drivers and crew chief and spotters are all saying. We passed them back and forth so everyone got some time listening to their guy. IMAG0198

It was definitely a fun time! P1010257


On Sunday, we had some more fun in the sun! 2011-07-03_10-21-17_419


Somehow, AB missed the “Ice Cream Bus” going by on Saturday, but there was no missing it on Sunday! She heard him coming and ran to her Pappy for some money! She’s caught on fast on who to ask for things, and Pappy & Pop are her two favorite go-to guys. 2011-07-03_11-02-02_415


Later on, she wanted "moe popsicle”, so Pappy went upstairs and got her one of her little ones…he even managed to bring, “Pu-ple” her favorite color. 2011-07-03_11-30-00_499

Sunday night we went to dinner2011-07-03_18-22-51_350 and then DW, Kels and Elliot saw Transformers 3. Taylor didn’t want to see it, and to be honest, neither did I. So I took one for the team and we saw Monte Carlo. It was cute and Taylor was so excited to see it, so that made it fun. She must have said, “Thank you, Aunt Annie” ten times that night. Out of everyone, though, I think DW was most excited to see Transformers 3. :)

Monday we headed home. We got some good napping in at our house before going to my parents. We had low country boil there for supper and let the kids play for a few hours. DSC_1482



Of course no holiday would be complete without a trip to see Granny. Here’s AB, “Great-Granny” and Garrett. DSC_1485

Then it was time to head to see the fireworks! Last year, we got stuck in traffic for an hour getting home, so this year, we forewent the downtown part of the festivities and parked on the outskirts of town at my Dad’s work. DSC_1530

Garrett, AB & Pop with the drill rig in front of Pop’s work

We packed plenty of drinks, boiled peanuts, chairs and bug spray! DSC_1544





The fireworks were great and we had just the right view. DSC_1577We weren’t too close for the kids to be scared so that made it even more perfect!

It doesn’t get much better than spending time with our families, the beach, a race, boiled peanuts & fireworks.



Immeasurably More Mama said...

Wow! Y'all were able to see the fireworks really good from there...brilliant idea! I love the picture of you and DW at the race with your headsets on. :) Glad y'all had a great 4th of July weekend!

Kristy L. Morrison said...

L.O.V.E the pic of little Annie and little Beau aka AB and G!!!

Hines House said...

Those Pappy's get sucked right in by those little girls. Glad you made the cupcakes, I ended up making them for two different outings. One little lady at church was just beside her self on how all 3 colors were in there like that.

Crystal said...

My favorite pic is of AB & Garrett where she's grinning & he's rolling his eyes...too cute!