Monday, July 11, 2011

Swim School Grad

Our last swim lesson was on Friday! With the way week 1 went…DSC_1478_crying I was so surprised as to how week 2 turned out!

We’ve got four little fish on our hands who all did so good during lessons! (Even during the crying-week) :) DSC_1631

Allie, Gus, AB & Noah

Friday was “Fun Day” and they got to show off all of their new skills AND go down the slide if they wanted! As for the slide, some were more eager than others… AB is like her momma, so she was a little cautious at first. But after a pep-talk from Daddy (who, thanks to the rain, got off work early so he could come to her last lesson), she was ready to go!DSC_1658 Of course it also helped that the beloved, “Miss Emmie-Cake” was going to go down with her! DSC_1661

They all seemed so much bigger and older on that last day than they did on the first. They laughed and splashed and walked with a whole new pool-confidence at the end of our two weeks. It was so neat to see them grow so much in just two weeks. DSC_1652


Ms. Brooke & Miss Emma Kate were such great teachers and we’re so glad they didn’t kick us out during that first week of tears. :)DSC_1672

Before we said our good-byes the kids gave their teachers a little thank-you gift. DSC_1680

We’ll miss seeing our friends everyday, but we’re already thinking of fun places we can meet up over the rest of the summer!

AB received her first “diploma”, which DW says we’ll frame and hang right below our college ones. :)


We had celebratory dinner afterward with our little graduate, followed by ice cream at the “Cow Shop” as AB calls it. 2011-07-08_19-28-56_370



Rebecca said...

Adorable! They are growing up too fast! Continuing to pray over you and your sweet bun in the oven!

Crystal said...

Yay!! Congrats AB!!

Bucks Landman said...

Great family bonding is important to insure the relationship of each other especially the child.

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Gemma Wilson said...

How nice...Congrats...