Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday Weekend….

This past Friday, we headed to North Georgia to see the family.

Mom, Dad, DW, me and the girls were all packed up and ready for a quick, action packed weekend!

The girls couldn’t have been any better on the trip there or back. Maybree slept almost the entire trip. We stopped every couple of hours to feed and change her and let AB stretch her legs, too. Even stopping several times, we made great time, both ways.

We made it to my brother and sister-in-law’s around 7:00. We ate dinner and made our plan for the next day.

We stayed at my Aunt Kay’s Friday night and met up with Beau and his crew Saturday morning.

We’d decided to spend the day at the Fun Factory.DSC_3447

The trip was planned for and around this birthday boy! DSC_3334

Hard to believe my nephew, Jackson, turns 7 years old in one week! His actual birthday is the 28th, but we went up to celebrate early.

The Fun Factory was paradise for the kids. Pop got them all “Fun cards” with two hours worth of unlimited games, go carts and $20.00 already loaded on them for spending. Jackson spent most of his time at the hunting game. DSC_3432He stuck close to Pop, who was his personal card holder and swiper. DSC_3337Caroline went for the ticket games! DSC_3326

Garrett & AB started off in kiddie land. She surprised us all by getting on the bounce house and slid down twice!DSC_3273 Garrett wanted nothing to do with it. After the second time down, neither did she. It was HIGH and FAST.

They played a few games and rides…DSC_3302


Then decided they wanted to “golf.” DSC_3415This was a first for AB, but Garrett was an old pro.



Mamie spent the day being passed back and forth between me and my mom. Grammy & I were doing our best to keep the germs off of her. DSC_3362

The Go-Carts were of course lots of fun for the kids. They only had two double seaters, so we had to go in shifts…Dylan got to ride first, since he was the only one tall enough to drive himself. DSC_3452

The rest of the crew waiting their turn…DSC_3450

Up next was Beau & Jackson and Kristy & Caroline.DSC_3483


If you can’t tell by their excitement, the girls beat the boys!


Last up from our group was DW and AB! She loved it. DSC_3532


I didn’t think DW was going to get in and then out of that tiny car! He looked 10 feet tall folded up in that thing!

After a few hours at the Fun Factory, we were exhausted. I didn’t do a thing, but I was wiped out. I told my Dad I was pretty sure I’d already had three seizures while we were there from all the flashing lights, noise and kids running around. :)

The kids traded in their tickets for their prizes and all got a snow cone.

After all that, I needed a sweet tea in a bad way. Thankfully, we stopped at the Chick-fil-A for lunch and birthday cake. DSC_3619


The birthday kids! Since Caroline’s birthday is in February, too, we celebrated both of them.


Jackson was so cute while we were singing, he sang, too, and said, “happy birthday to ME” :)

After our fun day, we made our way to my cousin Krissy’s house, for another birthday party! This time, for her son, Aaron, who turned 13 with an all-out Georgia Bulldog party. DSC_3639


DSC_3641Krissy had all kinds of yummy tailgate type food and everything was UGA themed… even a very special guest. Aaron and his friends were so shocked and excited when a University of Georgia football player showed up! “TK”, who was from Habersham and now plays for UGA, came to the party. I didn’t get a picture of him, but he was there…My cousins thought AB & Maybree (who both have orange & blue in their DNA), needed a signed pennant. Of course they did this just for DW’s benefit. Ha…2012-02-21_16-26-07_393Too funny… They even had TK put a special message on the back for them. 2012-02-21_16-26-15_528(He has good handwriting, too…unless his girlfriend wrote it for him…she was also at the party and is a soccer player on the UGA Women’s soccer team).

TK stayed at the party for a few hours and signed everything the kids could find for him to sign and even played football in the backyard with them. It was too sweet. He was a good sport, too, when we met him and of course gave him the chomp. :)

It was fun to get to see the rest of the family and visit for a few hours that night. DSC_3667

“Biscuit”, Becky’s new dog, and everyone’s baby!



The kids had the best time playing basketball, on the trampoline and in the tree house…the tree house even has a zip line! Krissy’s house is so fun…I took some pictures, I will have to post soon.

DSC_3668 AB & “Gave” – She loves Gabe! DSC_3701



A big group picture, before Beau & his crew left, after a LONG day!

We spent the night again with Aunt Kay, and AB and Anna had their first sleep over together! The first of many, I hope! DSC_3717

Sunday morning, we did get to see my Aunt Cindy. We missed seeing Uncle Ricky and my other cousins this trip. Seems like there's never enough time to squeeze it all in. We packed up that morning and headed home.

It was a good (and very quick) trip! :)



Mary said...

What an adventure! I'm exhausted just reading it all. It was good to see a picture of Pam. Haven't talked to her in a while. See ya in about a week!

Carrie said...

So fun! Jackson is grown...wow! He looks just like a Quincey. Also, that Georgia party was way over the top cool! What a lucky boy to have such a great mom!