Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine’s 2012

Every year, the holidays get more fun for AB. This year she was SO excited about “ValenStine’s” Day!

Two Fridays ago, we met up with Aunt Carrie and Allie Claire (and Whitt) to do our annual BFF Valentine picture. This makes our FOURTH Valentine’s Day picture together! Awwww…SCAN0001

I can’t believe these two were Maybree & Whitt’s age when we took their first Valentine pic together! DSC_3059

Allie Claire & AB - 2009

This year, we were invited to a little Valentine party at cousin Willie’s house. Annabelle asked me every day for a solid week if it was “party day” yet! Tuesday morning when she woke up and I told her it was FINALLY Valentine’s Day she started jumping up and down!

There were 23 kids at the party. It was a little loud, but lots of fun! Stephanie did a great job planning and hosting it. The kids had fun decorating their treat bags, passing out their valentines and playing outside. DSC_3040

AB & Cori decorating their bags


I looked on Pinterest for ideas for AB’s valentines and we decided to make heart shaped crayons this year. DSC_2918

DSC_2972They were super easy to make (after DW helped me figure out the easiest way to get them unwrapped…an exacto knife! DSC_2875Genius!) and they turned out so cute…DSC_2906

AB enjoyed helping and took lots of time deciding exactly which color to put where! DSC_2899

I found the scallop-edged round cards in the dollar bin at Michaels and used that as a backing for the crayons. DSC_2922I also found little note pads at the party shop that we put in each bag with the crayon. I printed off some labels and it was done! :)


We took cupcakes to the party and from the minute we arrived, AB kept asking for one. After she scarfed her pizza down at lunch, it finally hit me WHY she kept asking for a cupcake all morning long…I forgot to feed her breakfast! Yep, that’s me…Mother of the Year. The real kicker is that she hasn’t let me forget it either. For the past two mornings, when she wakes up, she says, “’member that time you forgot to feed me? You gotta ‘member to feed me, mommy.”  As if my mommy-guilt isn’t enough. Ha.DSC_3042

AB having a cupcake on the way home (I guess since it’s February I could take down the Santa decal on her window.) :)

While Big Sister and I were partying it up, Mamie stayed with Nie-Nie for the first time! DSC_3222When I picked her up, my MIL warned me that Mamie’s back might be sore, because she didn’t put her down the whole three hours she had her. :) 

We made some special Valentine treats to take to a few people, so me and the girls delivered those after lunch. DSC_2856

DSC_3008We made stops at DW’s office and Grammy’s office. I made a couple of new recipes that I found on Pinterest. DSC_3024The first was Red Velvet Cookies…they were good, but the best thing I made was the homemade Snickers. DSC_3023They were really good, especially cold. We gave most of them away, and it didn’t take me long to polish off the ones we kept. :)

That evening, when DW came home from work, we gave the girls their Valentines… DSC_3047AB is always fun to buy surprises for. DSC_3061She gets so excited! And everything she opens is her “FAVORITE!” DSC_3067


Helping Mamie open her surprises!

That night, the guys had their monthly men’s dinner and meeting at church, so Lauren and I had a date with the girls at the Chick-fil-A.  :)

Nobody can say there’s ever a lack of love around here! DSC_3054



Immeasurably More Mama said...

It looks like y'all had a very sweet Valentine's Day. I would have NO self-control around those homemade snickers. They look so good!

Carrie said...

Love this fun Valentine's post! Especially the Snickers---yummy :) The picture of the girls as babies made me a little sad, I must say, but I love our Valentines picture tradition!

Tania said...

It looks like AB had a great "ValenStine's" day. Cute crayons that you made to go in the treat bags. Glad you all had a fun day.

Mary said...

Wow, what a fun week you've had! LOVE the heart shaped crayons you made, and those snickers treats look divine! I also think it's sweet that ya'll take annual pics of the girls together. That is super special.