Thursday, April 12, 2012

Disney On Ice

Our girl loves the Toy Story movies, especially Toy Story 3. So, when DW saw Disney on Ice was coming to Jacksonville and doing the Toy Story 3 show, he ordered tickets.

We didn’t tell her where we were going on Saturday, just that we had a surprise for her. She was excited all week and everyday would ask if it was “Surprise day” yet!

We planned to leave early that morning, so we had to wake her up. DSC_5920She was still a little out of it when we finally told her where we were going, but once we did, she was wide awake!

We stopped at Cracker Barrel, which is her most favorite place to eat “Brek-fix” and then headed to the arena. 



Waiting on the show to start…with our cotton candy and the FREE hat that came with it…pretty sure the $15.00 Daddy paid for the cotton candy covered the cost of the foam hat… ha…

Mickey & Minnie started the show, along with Goofy & Donald, so AB was REALLY excited to see them! DSC_5949


She loved seeing all of her Toy Story favorites, too… DSC_5985Cowgirl Jessie, Woody, Buzz, Slinky Dog, & Ham… but her most favorite was after intermission when Barbie, Ken & Lotso came out! Lotso on those skates was almost too much. So was Ham… so cute…DSC_6034



After the show, we asked her what her favorite part was, and she said “when all the Barbies were exercising.” (She is big into exercise these days…if only I loved it as much as she does!) :)DSC_6015


It was such a fun show and I’m so glad we planned to go!

Since we were so close, we decided to go up to Yulee that afternoon to the Target…I’ve been looking at a certain double stroller and they don’t sell it online and it’s new so, the Yulee Target was the only one within 200 miles of us that had it in stock.  We tried out the demo, really liked it and decided to get it. I’m excited because it has like 12 different seating options and it’s small in size compared to other doubles. I think it’s going to be a great stroller. AB is excited that both she and Maybree can ride now.DSC_6081 She was getting really tired of having to walk when we go to the mall. As much as she likes exercise you’d think it wouldn’t bother her, but there’s just something about your baby sister getting something and you not that doesn’t sit well…imagine that… :)



Immeasurably More Mama said...

What a fun family outing! My boys love the Toy Story movies too. Whoever was wearing that Lotso costume on ice skates is super TALENTED!

Stephanie Heintz said...

Get it double stroller mamma! Love it! :)

Aunt B said...

Strutting those babies in style...looks like a fun time !!!

Katie said...

Her excited/surprised faces are so good! Bless her little heart!! Jack and Amelia would flip out if they saw the Toy Story characters ... esp. on ice. I'm trying to picture Slinky Dog on ice...and how in the world Lotso is staying upright on skates...