Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Great Egg Hunt of 2012

My big girl will hunt eggs on Sunday afternoon all by herself. She won’t really know the difference, as long as the eggs she finds are stuffed with candy, but as far as her Momma is concerned, there’s no comparison to hunting eggs with a big ole group of kids. Which is the reason I was so excited to host our moms group’s Easter Egg hunt at our house!

The Moms Group we’re in, is something new that my cousin-in-law (and good friend), Stephanie started. This was our third play group party and it was such a fun morning with friends.

AB watched from the front door as our guests started to arrive. DSC_5745Not sure what she was doing here…maybe stretching for the egg hunt??

When our friends arrived, we had them leave their eggs and baskets on the front porch, which is where the egg hunt would begin. DSC_8557


The kids played for the first hour in the back yard. DSC_5743They stayed busy blowing bubbles (or trying to drink them..the bubbles in a cup idea from Pinterest had some of them confused…ha), DSC_8525swinging, DSC_5757playing in the playhouse,DSC_5755 and in the corn bin. DSC_5756The corn bin is ALWAYS a hit. (Uncle Adam saved the day when he had a bag leftover from deer season…since I forgot to buy a bag!)


While the kids played and the mommas visited, the Grandmother crew (which was made up of Grammy (my Mom), Nie-Nie (my MIL) and Aunt Kay (my aunt) got things ready in the front yard and worked inside getting lunch together.

The eggs were all hidden and it was finally time to all gather in the front yard for the main event!  DSC_5783

Of course we had to try for a group picture first…which is always mass chaos. Ha.

As soon as the last picture was snapped, the kids were off! DSC_5790




After a little  more playing in the backyard, it was time for lunch. DSC_8524

We did BBQ sliders, PB&J sandwiches, chips & dip and fruit salad. DSC_8513

Dessert was what AB was really worried out, though. She gets it honest.DSC_8506 



AB was excited that two of her favorite guys dropped in for lunch…DSC_5819

After lunch, we sent our friends home with a little bunny bark and well wishes for a Happy Easter! DSC_5726



We had so much fun hosting a little party for the group and we were glad so many friends got to come.

A couple of the girls asked how I found the time to set up and decorate for the party, and I was quick to tell them NOTHING I do is on my own! I had lots of help getting everything ready.

My Aunt Kay has been visiting from Georgia, and if ANYONE loves a party and knows how to throw one, its her. :) I read on one of my blog friends’ blog where she described her mom as being “Pinterest before Pinterest even existed.” That pretty much sums up Aunt Kay, too. She has made countless parties, holidays and weddings so special for our family for years. She knows just what to do to make things extra sweet and fun. I was so excited that she’d be here this week to help get ready for the party! She always has the best ideas and can do anything! DSC_5834

Grammy & Aunt Kay with the Girls after the party

Then there’s my Momma, My MIL, Kellee and my SIL, Kelsey. No gathering I ever put together doesn’t in some way involve them. If I sign up for something, it’s just a given they’re in it, too. :) They’re either loaning me their stuff, keeping the kids while I get things together, tying garland until 10:00 at night, loading tables, mixing dip, or holding babies. They’re pretty much a do-anything trio and I am so thankful for them. DSC_5822

Nie-Nie & Kels with the girls

After we finished cleaning up, Kelsey went to leave, and said, “we sure make a good team.” I couldn’t put it better myself. All the planning and prepping for a party is half the fun and I’m sure glad I always have all of them to do it with.

This precious girl was partied out and napped hard yesterday! DSC_5866

I can also say the same for myself. :)



Immeasurably More Mama said...

It was such an adorable party, Annie! It was like something you would see on the Easter pages of a Pottery Barn Kids catalog. :) The boys and I loved it all and we had the best time! Thank you!

Mary said...

Very well prepared party and team you have there! I can't believe the number of little ones you had there. I think I counted 24 in that picture. You brave soul you. See ya tonight at the homemakers mtg.

Katie said...

I cannot get over this party! Everything looks so sweet. What is bunny bark?? It sure looks good. ;o)

I am dying over those tables and chairs!!

Aunt B said...

Mamie is Jackie Morrison the 4th ...