Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Saturday night, I laid in bed, and couldn’t stop smiling over all the fun I’d had that afternoon/evening. The day we’ve been anxiously waiting for - Kelsey’s Sr. Prom - was FINALLY that night! I’m not kidding when I say we (well the women in the family) have been counting down the days for it for weeks! I just THOUGHT we were excited about last year’s prom. I seriously don’t know what we’re going to plan for, think, or talk about now that it’s over.

The whole experience from shopping for the dress to taking pictures the night of, was so much fun and I am so glad to have been a part of it.

Kels could not have been any more beautiful. Her dress was just as gorgeous and it was absolutely perfect for her. DSC_4357

The day we found the dress back in March

A few weeks ago, she had a practice run for hair and make-up and so we took some pictures in the phlox that afternoon. I can only imagine how crazy we looked on side of the road with her in that big poofy dress taking pictures! We had a big white sheet under her to make sure the dress didn’t get grass stains on it! DSC_5143



On prom day, Kelsey and several friends met up at a local horse farm to take pictures together before heading to dinner. We were thrilled to get to tag along! I was so relieved when she said we wouldn’t embarrass her if we went out there, too! :)Prom 154

It was so precious to see all those sweet friends together- most of which- we’ve watched grow up right alongside Kelsey. Hard to believe those “little” girls will be graduating high school in just a few short weeks. The old saying about blinking and them being grown is so true.

AB had been planning to wear her princess dress on prom day, too. Prom 054In fact, she even insisted her green Tiana dress hang right beside Kelsey’s at in my in-law’s. She was as excited about “pwom” as we were!

She ended up wearing her Belle dress and “glass slippers” that night, though.

AB was pretty quiet and reserved when we got to the horse farm to take pictures. She watched and took it all in. You could tell she LOVED all the girls in their dresses. When we left that evening, she said, “I had so much fun with the girls”… (like she was as big as they are). :)Prom 053

She was also excited about Kelsey’s date for the prom. Prom 033She went with a friend, Travis, this year, and AB said he looked like “Pwince Charmin’” wif him’s fancy suit on.” :)  Precious.

AB told Travis’ mom that he looked like Prince Charming, so she asked if she wanted her picture with him. She wouldn’t take her picture with him by herself, but she did want one with the three of them together. Prom 138

Prom 120

DW & little sister

Prom 114

“Kelsey’s Kids”  :)

After a gazillion pictures (on a side note, I took our camera but the memory card wasn’t in it, so I took no pictures) , we watched the limo pull away and stood around talking about how great they all looked and how much fun we hoped they would have. Then we all (DW, me, the girls, Pappy, Nie-Nie & Travis’ parents & little brother) ended up going to dinner together. Of course, the women talked some more about the prom go-ers. Later that night, we went over to my in-laws to see the pictures and Kellee & I got to gush one more time about how beautiful Kelsey was and how perfect it all went!

The next morning at church, I was ready for the scoop. I even made sure we were all ready EARLY and that NEVER happens. Kelsey reported that they had a great time! :)

It’s like her Momma said – if she had just a tiny bit of as much fun as we had watching it all, then she had the best night! Prom 105

Kelsey is what my Momma calls, a “true beauty”- she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She has the kindest and sweetest heart. She is such a good girl, too, and we are all so very proud of her. It has been a joy to be a part of her life and to get to watch her grow up. I can’t believe graduation is up next!!!



Tania said...

Kelsey looks beautiful. Love the style of her dress and the color is perfect on her. So glad that you were able to make those memories with her.

Russel Ramblings said...

her dress is beautiful!

Carrie said...

Kelsey looked amazing! Her dress is my favorite. It reminds me so much of our Tiffany dresses way back when :) I love that AB had to wear her princess dress. What a great memory.

As for what you girls will be planning and talking about now that prom is over, how about her graduation party?

Mary said...

What a beautiful girl. Love the pictures ya'll took in the phlox with her. Great idea. Tori was standing here looking over my shoulder ooohing and ahhhing.

Anonymous said...

okay can i just say that this mama is still on prom cloud nine. i have just about driven my beautiful princess CRAZY!! i have looked at the prom scrapbook so many times the pages are worn out. but now really can you blame me? just look at our girl! :)

Anonymous said...

annie, you are screening your comments now..... is it because of me???? if so just tell me to shut it :)