Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Catching Up…

I’ve been in a major blog slump, but there’s been lots going on, so I have plenty to document! :)  I’ll be playing catch up BIG TIME this week! A few highlights I have to blog about…

- I have her pictures, I just haven’t post Maybree’s 9 & 10 month stats

- We took a kick off to fall trip to Busch Gardens with Carrie & Allie Claire

- I got really cute pics of the girls in the peanut wagon the last day of picking

- Speaking of peanuts, AB & I won a contest at this year’s Peanut Festival!

- We took a 4 day trip to Nashville! SO FUN!

- AB started Soccer Pups!


We started this past weekend partying at our annual pumpkin party. So fun. I’ll post more about it later. photo

The rest of the weekend was low key…

While DW was at the Gator game, the girls and I went over to see my parents and check on my Dad…he’s had some kidney stone issues for the past six weeks and even had to spend a couple nights in the hospital! Thankfully, Pop is on the mend, though! Hopefully he will be all better and back to himself in the next couple weeks. AB drew him a picture last week and I wish I had taken a picture of it. It was a picture of him and her, and she even labeled it! Above her, she wrote her initials (which she thinks is writing her whole name), so it said, “APW” and above him I told her how to spell it, and she wrote, “POP” – You could read it as plain as day and it was precious!

We came home and put out our Scarecrow and some “fall” down by the end of our driveway. photo2The field in front of our house has grain sorghum planted in it right now, so that means no cows for now…which means my scarecrow should keep all of his limbs for a while. He’s the only one of his scarecrow family of six that made it from last year…the rest of his brothers and sisters were mutilated by last year’s herd. :)

Sunday was church and an evening S’mores roast at the lake. The weather has started to cool off a little and actually feel like fall!

A perfect way to end the weekend.






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Tania said...

I know what you mean about being in a blog slump. I have been there most of this year. I've missed reading your posts and am looking forward to all the catching up you will be doing. As always your girls are just beautiful!