Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dads & Daughters…


I’m a firm believer that everyone needs a good Dad. Being a girl, I know the importance of girls having a good one. A girl’s relationship with her father influences her in so many ways. Self-esteem, self-image, confidence, opinions of men, and ultimately how she will see the world are all things that come to mind when I think of the influential role a Dad plays in his daughter’s life.

I was blessed with a great Dad. I grew up knowing that my Daddy would kill someone over me and I still believe it.  :)  I’ve always had the security of knowing that he was big, strong and always had my back. I’ve always believed my Dad can do anything. It doesn’t matter how big or how small, he can handle it. Seriously- if it’s broken he can fix it…from alternators, to washing machines, to balloon drops to broken hearts. Over my 30 years I can’t begin to count how many things I’ve seen him fix. Most people think he’s a bit of a “hard-tale” and in truth, he probably is- but there’s always been two girls who keep him soft…my Momma & me. My Dad hasn’t always liked my mom (and my Mom will say that feeling is so mutual…ha) but my Daddy has always loved my Momma… Every time I read something about the importance of a father loving his children’s mother I nod my head in agreeance.  My Dad is a hard worker and we never had to worry if we’d have food to eat or shoes on our feet, (or ice cream at our birthday parties) :) because he worked day in and day out to provide for us. There’s not a more noble characteristic. Work ethic and the drive to provide has been lost on so many men in today’s society. My Dad was from the era of Dad’s who didn’t change diapers (I’m pretty sure the only diaper he’s ever changed was Cooper’s – and that was because he had him all by himself one day!)—he wasn’t a hands-on Dad, but he was there. It’s sad to say how many kids can’t say that about their fathers. My Dad is a good man who’s lived his life in a way that my brother and I can be proud of. My brother would argue that my Dad loves me the most and honestly I wouldn’t deny it, but truly he’s just as crazy about my brother as he is me…it’s just different for Dads & Daughters. Plus, of the two of us, I am most like our Dad. We understand each other and it’s easy for us to see things the same way. We have a long standing “joke” that he’s my only friend- it goes way back to when I was in high-school, but to this day he always signs my birthday cards “Your Friend, Dad” – and while he’s not my only friend-  he’s certainly my truest. I love him a lot and I’ll always be thankful that of the two people who call him, “Dad,” I’m one of them.  19


My babies’ Daddy is a little different than my own Dad. Yes, he’s hard-working, has blossomed into quite a Jr. Mister Fix it, & I’m pretty sure he'd kill someone over our kids, too… But, that whole “Dad’s don’t change diapers” era ended for my family when we brought Cooper home from the hospital. I had no idea that Dad’s were that hands-on until DW became a Daddy, too. I remember having to remind him that I was the MOMMA & I had it under control! :)  DW is the epitome of a patient Dad. It blows my mind how much time he puts into our kids. His day is thrown completely off if he doesn’t get to see them at lunch, or if they don’t get their time together in the evening. Weekends aren’t about finding a sitter so we can have some time to ourselves- it’s what we can do as a family. It’s the sweetest thing and I’ve never known ANYONE who ENJOYS their children more than him. There’s a million reasons I love him, but the biggest might just be because of the kind of Daddy he is.


DW had a great example at being a good Dad. My FIL is, as my Middle school math teacher would say, “one of the good guys.” Over the years, Mr. Pug has been a great father-in-law to me. He’ll tell anyone who asks, that I’m his third favorite daughter-in-law. (He has THREE daughter-in-laws). :) DW & I have been married the longest, so I can handle it, though. If he wasn’t picking on me, I’d worry. I know he loves me and I know he’s one more good man in my life that I can count on. He’s been a part of some of the happiest times in my life and he’s been there for the absolute worst. Those good and bad things – LIFE- is what bonds people together…and when it comes to Father-in-laws and Daughter-in-laws, we’re bonded. I will always be thankful for the part he plays in my life and what he means to me. DSC_0284


Having two girls scares the life out of me most of the time. But when I think about where a girl’s self-image, self-confidence and so many of the things that shape her come from – I’m not really that worried. Because such a large portion of those things come from the men in their lives. My girls have the best Daddy, and the sweetest Pop & Pappy who are going to make sure they grow up knowing how special, beautiful, loved and treasured they are. (Not to mention some pretty amazing uncles who are wild about them, too!) mamespop


I know what it’s like to grow up feeling like somebody’s “favorite” – my Dad & my Papa sealed that deal- just like I know these guys will do for AB & Mamie---


Thank you, Lord, for our Dads.

Happy Father’s Day.



Arielle said...

So sweet. That is all. So stinking sweet.

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

What a great post!! You got the best Dad for sure! And DW is the best Daddy too !!!

Heather said...

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Katie said...

Such a sweet post! And I couldn't agree more!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I love everything about this post.

Anonymous said...

i am kind of speechless...but not completely...this is amazing and i love everything in it..i see your heart in this a lot and love you more than you can imagine...lucky girls...blessed!! :))