Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Five

1. Did you know they sell Red Lobster cheese biscuit kits at Sam's Club? They are SO GOOD. Seriously, they taste just like Red Lobster. 

2. Last Saturday, Sadie & John Luke Robertson from the Duck Dynasty family came to Williston at a Fathers Day event at the Kirby Family Farm. AB LOVES DD, so we got tickets. We had a great spot for seeing them, though we were a little disappointed that they didn't have a meet & greet- AB really wanted to talk to them and have her picture made with was still really neat, though. Korie even came out and said a few things. 

3. My BFF, Carrie, was going through some old photos and sent me a picture from her wedding yesterday. I hadn't ever seen it before and I just love it. I was hot and sweaty, but I love the smile on my Granny's face. I love pictures and I think that's why I'm always taking them... I know that memories are etched in our hearts, but there's something about seeing them in print that's so special. Especially years later & even more when those we love have gone on before us. Such a sweet surprise to get a picture like that one. 

4. Like pictures, music always brings back memories, too. My new favorite song is Scotty McCreery's "see you tonight" - its so good. It makes me think of how it was when DW & I were dating. He seriously would drive to my house almost every night. Mom would cook supper and he'd stay until around 11 and then make the 30 minute drive home. We'd stand on the porch for at least 20 minutes saying goodbye and then do it all again the next night. I'm glad gas wasn't nearly $4.00 a gallon back then...but surely he would have still came...if for nothing else Mom's cooking. ;)

5. While I admit there is something nostalgic about cutting a watermelon and eating it by the slice (it takes me back to summer afternoons on my grandparent's patio with my Papa, his big butcher knife and a salt shaker...) but, I really just love it when it's already cut in chunks and in the fridge. This time of year, my FIL always has a couple of containers of watermelon chunks in the fridge and he always makes sure to share. 

Happy Friday!! 

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Surrounded-By-Boys said...

Love the photo of you and your Granny! So sweet. And speaking of sweet, would you believe I've yet to eat a piece of melon this year? Yes, I know I have 90 acres in front of and behind my house but I just get "tired" of them......I must try those biscuits though.