Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Goodbye, Summer 2013…

I’m always a little sad to see Summer end, but we bid it farewell the best way we knew how… at the beach. :)6DW, the girls and I spent Labor Day weekend soaking up the sun and surf for the last time of the 2013 Beach season.   DSC_7292

It was a fantastic end to a wonderful summer. DSC_7345



AB worked on her boogy-boarding skills and Mamie, as usual, didn’t stop. DSC_7422She ran up and down the beach the entire time. Airplanes have been her current obsession, and the beach is a guaranteed spot to see some. She chased every “air-PANE”, bird, and wave on the beach that weekend. :)DSC_7471We were all glad to see naptime come each day. :)







The following weekend, we decided maybe we weren’t quite ready for the summer to end. Since the Gators played away, we decided to spend the weekend at the river. We had another fun weekend swimming and sunning. 7 I was a terrible picture taker that weekend, but I do love this one of the girls watching “Barbo” (Barbie) on Saturday evening… 8

We did all the usual Blue Run stuff… swam, took boat rides, ate Sonic, had Mexican, and even played a new game with the crew. Nen downloaded “Head Bands” (I think that was the name of the App) on her Iphone and we laughed our heads off. Such a fun game. We even made a new friend… 9(on a side note, I am so proud of AB, who still swims in the Run even after seeing all the fish and turtles who swim with her.) She also made her first swim across the river (on her Daddy’s back, of course, but still it’s noteworthy). It was a great weekend, and the sunshine made up for all the rain we had during our week in July.

Our pumpkins and “fall” have been out since the last week of August, and I think we’re officially ready for it. All that’s left to put out is my scarecrows down by the road, and since there’s no cows in our field, I think I’ll do that this weekend. At least they’ll have a few weeks to keep their “limbs” before a new herd arrives. :)


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