Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Football 2013

The man of our house couldn’t be happier that football season has started! DSC_7251

We’ve been getting ready for it… the guys all hit an open practice a few weeks ago, they’ve been discussing players, coaches, newspaper articles and everything else Florida football for weeks. Their new hats and/or shirts for the 2013 season have been purchased and waiting on the big game, too.

- DW spent last Thursday night with his brother, Adam, surrounded by all kinds of man-food (thanks to our SIL, Lauren) watching the first college game of the season. I don’t really get watching a game that your team isn’t playing in, but the guys get so excited for that first game every year. :)

- We took the girls one night last week to take our yearly pictures at the stadium…DSC_7042

9 pictures out of 10 turn out with the “fake” smiles… one day, little girls, you will regret it. :)


this one of Mamie hunched over and looking so unimpressed makes me laugh. DSC_7077She’s too much and this is SUCH a Mamie picture… :)  My momma sent this to some of her friends, and one of them replied back, “Maybe Mamie wants to be a seminole” – That’s not EVEN funny… but really it is. :)


Her signature nose-crinkle slays me.




The girls loved that their Aunt Kels came, too…




Then, finally, Saturday was game day!!!- the crew headed off to the Swamp early that morning. I wished them well, and couldn’t have been happier in my decision to stay home in the A/C. :)

My niece, Taylor stayed with us, too, so we had a girls’ lunch at Piesanos and then did some cooking and setting up for a post-game tailgate.

One of DW’s college-roommates and his wife, came to town for the game, so we all got together afterward, to do what else, but watch more football! :) Can I just say Clemson’s pre-game hype was amazing. Bussing the players around the stadium to come down “the hill” to rub that giant rock, balloons, AND fireworks… I was seriously impressed. I am all about a “big deal” – and I think the outcome of that game (sorry, Georgia fan family) just shows the importance of “big deals.” How could Clemson not be pumped and ready to fight for a win after all of their pre-game rituals? After seeing it, it was hard to not root for them.

I didn’t take one picture at the lodge… and I should have because we had some great food, I’d decked it all out in orange and blue AND Nen made the most beautiful cookies I’ve ever seen. They were seriously perfect… She’s got me wanting to try baking with…MARGARINE!!! I can’t believe my butter-loving self just said that! :)

It was a great kick-off to DW’s favorite season. I love it, too, but mainly just because he does. :)DSC_7119edit



HeyHey said...

War Eagle! :)

Carrie said...

Sweet pictures, especially Mamie hunched over and looking oh-so-serious! It will kill Devin, dead as a hammer, if she decides to root for the Seminoles! I can't even imagine the drama ;)I love your Florida football family pictures and look forward to them every year!

Anonymous said...

i love everything about this!!!!! 'specially the hunched over Mames the girls loving on our Kels...great all around!!! Go Gators!!!!!!!

Mary said...

Aww. Love the pics of the girls in their orange and blue. Mamie's "feather dusters" are precious. Reminds me of Tori at that age. Go Gators!