Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mountain Trip–Fall 2014

The first weekend of November, we headed to Blue Ridge for some cooler weather and with hopes of maybe catching the last glimpses of the fall leaves. DW, the kids, Kelsey and I left early Friday afternoon. This trip was a long time coming and while some would think it was insane to take a little vacation with a three month old, our family needed it… specifically, my sweetheart, who up until that point had only taken three days (1 of those was the day Tucker was born) off the entire year. We didn’t do very much “playing” this summer and we were all needing a little getaway! We made it to the cabin late that night. The next morning, we woke up and headed to town for some breakfast and groceries. DSC_8577We were a couple hours from Beau & Kristy, so they came over on Saturday and spent the day with us.IMG_1308 We had a great time introducing them to Tucker, eating, and playing by the creek. DSC_8610 Adam, Lauren & Parker got there late Saturday night. We spent the next three days visiting the pumpkin patch, DSC_8790DSC_1006DSC_1177DSC_8668DSC_8780DSC_8832DSC_8843DSC_8809Dahloengah,IMG_1359 taking in the beautiful scenery,DSC_1256DSC_8919DSC_1395DSC_8652DSC_8949  visiting the apple orchard,DSC_1345DSC_1327DSC_1335 shopping in downtown Blue Ridge,IMG_1578IMG_1595IMG_1617IMG_1638 cooking yummy dinners, playing by the creek,DSC_1259DSC_1399IMG_1403IMG_1453DSC_1426IMG_1496IMG_1518IMG_4119IMG_4222 and just having fun together. DSC_1450DSC_1475DSC_8634DSC_1480DSC_8940IMG_4126IMG_4257IMG_4180 DSC_8876 We all headed home on Wednesday morning, rested and ready to face the real world again. ~amw~

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