Thursday, April 30, 2015

Epcot for the Day

We still have two days on our Disney tickets, so we decided to do a day trip to Epcot with just the girls. Tucker got to spend his first night at Grammy’s house since we were leaving early the next morning.
We got to the park before it opened and I was a little shocked at the crowd that had already gathered. DSC_1769Once the gates opened, though, the crowd seemed to spread out and it ended up being a really good day. We didn’t have to wait hardly any time for any of the rides we did, and even the lines for the characters were really short.
Pluto was out front, so we had our picture made with him…DSC_1765
Then we went inside the infamous Epcot ball for the Spaceship Earth ride inside it. IMG_0114Surprisingly Mamie was scared. She’s taken on this whole new fear of everything lately. For the longest time, she wasn’t scare of anything, so I guess it was time. :) She enjoyed it though, as long as I held her hand.
We stopped in to see Mickey, Minnie, & Goofy at the Epcot Character spot…DSC_1784DSC_1782DSC_1795DSC_1821
On our way to our next stop, we saw Chip & Dale…DSC_1827
We had FastPasses for the Nemo ride, but really could have just walked right on it. DSC_1838The girls really enjoyed all of the aquariums after the ride. DSC_1834IMG_0186IMG_0192We spent almost an hour walking around and looking at all the fish, sea turtles and even manatees.IMG_0204 (My girls are like their Grammy and they LOVE manatees). IMG_0143
We did the Living with the Land ride next and then had a snack in the cafĂ© there, while we were waiting on our Fastpasses for Soarin. IMG_0225DW sat it out this time, since he went with AB last time and Mamie isn’t big enough to ride yet. (We could have done the parent switch, but we would have still had to wait in the fastpass line again, which is still about a 20 minute wait for that ride.) DW took Mamie to the Figment ride and she enjoyed that, while they were waiting on us. DSC_1841
We made our way through the World Showcase… the flowers for the Garden & Flower festival were all so beautiful. We loved the topiaries in Paris! DSC_1846
We got to see Belle in her village dress…DSC_1858
And we grabbed some snacks as we walked through the different countries. IMG_0239
It started to rain a little so we ducked under an overhang for about 5 minutes until it passed.DSC_1891
We stopped again in Mexico to see Donald in his sombrero and to ride the Gran Fiesta boat ride.DSC_1867DSC_1879 This was Mamie’s favorite part. My Dad still travels some for work, but lately his trips are just to Mexico- so Mamie assumes that ALL airplanes are going to Mexico like Pop’s. Every time we see an airplane, that’s what she says, so she was super excited to be in “Mexico,” too. I’m pretty sure Donald Duck isn’t there throwing a fiesta every time Dad goes, though. :) DSC_1888
It was early afternoon and we decided to hit Mission Space before heading home. IMG_0346I have always loved learning about the solar system and space travel, so I wanted to ride this one, too. DW & AB went first and I was shocked when they got in the orange line. I had told them to go to the green side for the less intense ride, but AB chose orange and DW stuck with it. They came out and AB was laughing, but her eyes were as big as golf balls! DW said it was pretty intense, so when AB & I got back in line for me to ride with her, we took the green side. When we got inside she started to tear up and say she didn’t want to ride again, so we just left our spot in line. :)DSC_1902
It was hot and humid, especially after the little rain shower, so we decided to call it a day, but not before we let the girls pick out their charms for their bracelets. AB chose the orange bird this time because it looked like something from Mexico and reminded her of the Gran Fiesta ride and Mamie chose the Donald Duck for the same reason. IMG_0387
It was such a fun day!IMG_0385 We still have one day to use up before June, so we’ll be headed back to Disney soon!

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