Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dancing Queen

Another dance year and recital is behind us. I can’t believe this was AB’s third year in dance! IMG_4095

AB has moved up to the older class at dance, so instead of one routine, she had two this year. IMG_4107Seeing those tiny little tu-tus bouncing around the stage is almost too much. It’s so sweet to see how the girls have grown and improved from year to year and the best part is when you can tell they’re having so much fun up there.DSC_2862 Their jazz routine was to “Happy” and their tap was to “Dance Adventure.” AB was precious because she sang along almost the entire time.

She loved recital this year! We started the fun on Friday night with dress rehearsal. IMG_4048

This year, instead of two shows on two different nights, we had a matinee show and then later that evening the second show.

The matinee performance was at 12:30 and AB was happy to get flowers from Daddy afterward…


Grandma was down and came with us to the first performance.


Maybree, Tucker, Grammy, Pop, Pappy, Nie-Nie, Kelsey, Uncle Adam, Aunt Nen & Parker all came to the evening show. It worked out really good this year, because both of her dances were before intermission.


The recital is always pretty long, so most of the crew opted to head out after the first half and get the littles back home and to bed.  Grammy & Pop stayed with me for the finale though.  DSC_2999

AB was adorable, and yes, I am totally partial. DSC_2887


Mamie is so excited that in August, when the new dance year starts, she gets to join in!IMG_4087

How fun that next year we’ll have two ballerina cuties in the recital!


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