Thursday, June 11, 2015

Watermelons 2015

While DW doesn’t work directly on the farm, he still gets to be involved on the business/office side of it, and we’re thankful that we live right here, too, so that our kids can experience and see it all, as well.DSC_1965 After working inside all day, he usually wants to spend the evenings outside. This usually means rides to the lake or to the prairie to look at cows, or to the limerock pits to try to catch some fish- but the past few years, in the spring and early summer, it almost always means rides out to the watermelon field to see how the plants have grown. DSC_1953AB & Mamie were big enough this year to REALLY enjoy riding out to the field and seeing how the watermelons changed from week to week. DSC_2021DSC_1946Neither of them could wait to find a melon that was ready for picking! DSC_1990DSC_2107
Once the season started, we all loved eating those juicy watermelons, IMG_0938IMG_1812but no one in our family has loved them more than Tucker. IMG_1169Brother loves to eat anything, but oh man, did he consume a serious amount of watermelon this year. (To put it nicely, we didn’t have to worry about Tucker being constipated the entire season). :)
Thankfully, Pappy kept us stocked with already cut-up melon for weeks. While I do love cutting one outside and eating it from the rind, there’s just something nice about having it already chunked and in the fridge. :)
Watermelon season is always the sure sign that it's almost summer time! DSC_2029DSC_2032

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