Sunday, June 7, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

We thought we’d be spending a low key Memorial Day weekend at home this year. We’d missed a trip to Georgia with my parents earlier in the week because Tucker was under the weather, but in a last minute turn of events, we got to spend the weekend at the beach, just the five of us. My FIL let us be his beach “fill-ins” since he had to stay home to load watermelons that weekend, and we were glad to do it! :)
It was one of the most fun weekends we’ve had with just our little herd.IMG_2629IMG_2090IMG_2039 We got to the condo Friday night and had big plans of sleeping in on Saturday morning. Our lovies had other plans… they were ALL up by 6:45 all three mornings we were at the beach. It made for perfect days, though….
We’d had breakfast, been sunscreened, and were on the beach every morning by 8:30. We were literally the first ones on the beach. IMG_2058We’d spend all morning playing in the waves and building sand castles, Tucker would take his morning nap, and then we’d hit the pool for an hour or so and then go up around 1:30. IMG_2043
What’s more fun than having a Daddy who will blow bubbles for you on the beach????…..
having one that will blow bubbles, THEN, bury you in the sand and make you a mermaid! :)
Yes, that’s a hand full of sand my boy is eating. I thought it would be a phase. I’m a little worried he’s going to do it ALL.SUMMER.LONG.
The kids all napped and then the afternoon rain would roll in. It worked out great all weekend. We’d snack for lunch and then go to dinner early. IMG_2135
You can bet when Mamie’s around there’s big conversation going on… her favorite thing to do on the balcony is watch the airplanes go by and “read” their banners. Her favorite is “Rip Tides- All you can eat Crab Legs” & “Geico-Save money!” She can even tell them apart. (Pretty sure it’s because of the “lizard” as she calls him on the Geico one)
On Saturday night, we went to Aunt Catfish’s for dinner… and the fish picture was a fail… IMG_2160
DW took AB to a movie and the rest of us did a little shopping while we waited on them.
Sunday, after dinner, we went down to the lighthouse… all sporting the red, white & blue. IMG_2466IMG_2483IMG_2487We’re so thankful to the service men and women who sacrificed their own lives to protect our freedom. We are so blessed and there are so many things that we too often take for granted.
So thankful and blessed…

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