Monday, November 16, 2015

Gator Homecoming

I took the girls to UF’s Homecoming parade for the first time a few years ago. I braved it without DW, but decided afterward that I didn’t want to do that again. :)

It hasn’t really worked out for us to go back since, but this year the stars all lined up and we got to go together, and even Pappy & Nie-Nie got to go with us.IMG_3464

I checked AB out of school early (she can thank her Pappy, who gave me a massive guilt-trip about it. ha-ha) I wasn’t going to get her from school, but in the end I was glad I had. She loved it and I would have hated for her to miss it. IMG_0488 

We were invited to a tailgate party at a bank on University and we got to watch the parade from their office. The balcony was the perfect spot to see everything. IMG_3465IMG_3457


The best part was when it got too hot on the balcony, we could go inside and watch it from the big windows. IMG_3455

We all had our favorite entries – mine was the Gator bicycle! IMG_3458

Mamie’s was the butterflies IMG_0485

and Tucker just loved it all. IMG_0486

It was such a fun (& H-O-T!) afternoon with my favorite Gators. IMG_0481

AB (& her doll, “Georgia,” who’s been to every game that AB has) got to sweat it out the next day with her Daddy at the game. IMG_9161


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