Friday, November 20, 2015

Straight A’s

AB got her first report of First Grade, it was straight A’s! IMG_3008
Grammy (Pop was out of town) took her to dinner and a movie to celebrate that night.
She was also excited that Pappy & Nie-Nie gave her some money to add to her wallet. She’s big on having cash lately, and it cracks me up that she keeps track of how much she has spent and how much she has left. She gets that from her Daddy. Ha.
Mamie was sick that weekend, so a couple weeks later, we all went out to celebrate.
Annabelle picked dinner at Red Robin and then we surprised her with an appointment to get her ears pierced! She’s been begging to have them done for over a year now, so we decided if she was that serious about it, she deserved it.
Grammy was with us, thankfully, and she handled Tucker and Maybree while DW tried to keep me from passing out. Meanwhile, AB sat up in that chair like a grown-up and never even cried. She did so good and she has loved having them pierced. IMG_3632IMG_3642
We’re so proud of all of her hard work this first 9 weeks and are excited to see how much she learns and grows the rest of the school year.
Mamie put in to have her ears pierced, too, but Momma wasn’t ready for that. Her Daddy took her into Claire’s while we were at the mall, though, and got her some “clip-ons.” IMG_3634

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