Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Day

Christmas morning is so sweet with littles. IMG_6470

Annabelle came in our room just after 3:00 am, again at 4:30 and then finally at 6:30 we let her wake Maybree and Tucker up.

Santa left each of the kids’ gifts in a spot of their own and they took turns opening them and seeing what they each had gotten. DSC_4523DSC_4522DSC_4521DSC_4538IMG_6544

DSC_4562Annabelle was so excited to see that Santa had brought her a microscope and he even “turned her I-Pad into a laptop” – by adding a pink keyboard case.DSC_4546 

IMG_6569Maybree, too, was thrilled that Santa had brought exactly what she’d asked for- a doll, a bracelet and her doc mcstuffins legos. DSC_4537IMG_6543However, when she’d opened all her presents she jumped up and said, “well, where did he leave my pet-vet clinic?” Ha. Mames was at the age this year where she kept adding things she REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to her list days before Chirstmas. She also had a hard time understanding why there was no snow outside. I told her that besides the fact that it’s Florida and doesn’t snow here,  it was hot outside (we could have worn shorts on Christmas this year) – but she just argued back, “BUT its CHRISTMAS!” Ha.

Tucker climbed up on his big gift, a Cat loader and stayed there all morning. IMG_6504It was his official spot for opening the rest of his gifts. He did get down long enough to haul some cows before we took his loader outside so he could go for a test drive. DSC_4564It’s a little big for him, but Santa got too good of a deal on it to pass. :)IMG_6589IMG_6625

We checked on our reindeer food to see if they’d dropped a bell. We found a chewed up red bow and wondered if Judson had maybe found the jingle bell before us. We searched the yard and what do you know… a jingle bell HAD fallen off one of the reindeer, but Jud had found it first. ;)IMG_6643

Breakfast is always at Pappy & Nie-Nie’s in our pajamas. There’s pancakes, bacon, sausage and peanut butter balls (aka “buckeyes”, to some). There will always be peanut butter balls served on Christmas morning. :)IMG_6736It’s always a chaotic mess in their sunroom when 16 people finish opening their gifts and it’s always fun. IMG_6737

My parents made the big move over to Williston, the weekend before Christmas. They’re renting a place for now, and the location is so great. We can leave our house and pull up at theirs 3 minutes later. Its fantastic. Momma cooked a big lunch and we opened gifts and enjoyed watching the kids play with thier new toys all afternoon. IMG_6666IMG_6683

Mames was thrilled to finally find her Pet Vet clinic at Grammy & Pop’s! It was a Christmas miracle, because that thing had been sold out online and in stores in our area.


We ended the night watching AB do a magic show, while eating peppermint ice cream. Perfect. IMG_6728

And of course, we put together Mamie’s new ice castle at 9:00 that night- becuase it was Christmas and she wanted to. :)  The ice castle was another one of those things Mamie added to her list days before Christmas, and Nie-Nie was able to get the last one on the shelf! The Christmas miracles just kept coming for Mames! ;)

IMG_6731 Another sweet Chirstmas for sure. 


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