Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of 2015…

This year, our Christmases were planned a little differently. One of Kelsey’s BFFs (who’s also her roomate) wedding was the weekend before Christmas. That’s usually when we do Christmas with my MIL, but Grandma was great about planning her Christmas with everyone for New Year’s, so that we could all be here for the wedding and none of us had to miss her Christmas gathering either. I made the wedding cake, so I couldn’t miss it.IMG_9879

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is the one week a year that the construciton company all takes off. We look forward to it every year because it means DW is home for an entire week! It also falls at the busiest time of the year, so it doesn’t mean much rest and relaxation for him, but it’s still a week off from work! ;)

This year, we logged hundreds of miles during that week.

On Monday, the kids and I took a little day trip with DW up to Marianna. IMG_6801He was picking up a new trailer for the company, and we’re always up for an adventure, so we tagged along. We made a little trip of it, by stopping in Quincy to see his great-aunt BJ.IMG_6813 BJ was married to DW’s Grandmother’s (my FIL’s mother) brother. We went by his great-grandpa’s old house (who was the town Sherriff for years) and then by the cemetery to see where he and many of the other family are buried. It was so sweet to get to see all of those things and introduce our kids to part of thier roots and so sweet to spend an hour visiting with their great-great Aunt BJ. IMG_6898

We drove on to Marianna and had lunch and stopped at Wal-Mart, because there wasn’t much else to do there. Ha. The girls had Christmas cash to spend, and they’d been looking for the wheel-chair and cast/cruches for their dolls that had been sold out at all the stores near us. It was a score for AB! IMG_6920

We picked up the trailer last and headed back home. It was a fun little outing, but a VERY long day!

On Tuesday, we made the trip to and from South Georgia for DW’s Grandfather’s (his mom’s Dad) funeral. His PaPa was his last living grandparent. He was a very neat person and sharp as a tack until the end. He knew how to speak German and always tried to teach us new words. After knowing him for nearly 15 years, I still never learned any. He had a fantastic memory and always had colorful stories to share. I’ll never forget the first time DW took me to his Grandparents’ house. After dinner, his PaPa came back into the living room and told the boys that he was just so proud of them that they might find him on the roof with his feathers bowed out crowing in the morning. I loved that.

On Wednesday, we rested up at home and packed up for our New Year’s plans.

A week off always goes by too fast.


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