Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dreaming of Summer

The weather was so nice over the weekend and since we had no Saturday plans, we took a drive down to Blue Run for a picnic. Having been born and raised in Florida, we all have sunsine in our veins. When the sun is out, we want to be in it – and if we’re in it, the best place to be is beside the water somewhere. IMG_7863

We grabbed Sonic for lunch and had a picnic on the porch.IMG_7860 A picnic on the dock would have been our first pick, but when you’re only one year old, you’re mom doesn’t really trust you enough to sit and eat on the dock and not jump in. ;)

Momma was nice though, and let baby brother have his first Sonic slush. He was a fan, but it took quite the concentration drinking out of a straw. IMG_7953

We enjoyed the river for about an hour and when we packed up to head home, we got a little surprise. IMG_7870

DW walked by one of the outside garbage cans and jumped back when he saw something moving inside. Turns out, a possum had fallen in and gotten stuck.

The river and sonic limeade was the highlight of my day – but of course the possum took first place for the kids. IMG_7973

We’re counting down the days until we’re back at Blue Run, but with bathing suits popsicles in hand!


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