Friday, January 29, 2016

January Photo Dump


- Somebody is enjoying his new Christmas toys…


AND his sisters.’


- We had like four really cold days this whole winter. We made the most of it and wore hats every chance we got.


- I always have random pictures on my phone that the girls have taken. Like this one of “Buttons” (who was my bunny growing up, but AB laid claim to years ago) having a “spa” day. Yes, her ears are wrapped up in a twistee towel and her paws are in the foot bath.


- Carrie and I saw this suspenders and bow tie set at Cracker Barrel one morning when we’d met for breakfast and couldn’t leave until TDW had one. It was a good call because how stinking cute was he that Sunday morning all ready for church?


- I love the way these three love thier Daddy…and even more the way their Daddy loves them. He is the very best. This was one evening I’d ran to the grocery store and on my way back, they were waiting to race me up the driveway. They always pick Daddy’s team – but for the record, I beat them. ;)


- One of our favorite “cooler weather” things to do is grill out by the lake. IMG_8327The kids run crazy, we grill, and end it with S’mores. IMG_8316This was the perfect Saturday night with Adam, Lauren, Parker, & Kels.


- I love our drive-way. It’s long, curves around a massive old-oak tree, and it has a little bit of an incline at the top where our house sits. To me, it’s always a really pretty spot. But this particular evening, it was breath taking.


On to February!


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