Monday, January 11, 2016

Loads of Cuteness

My little guy, like most boys, has a huge love for all things tractor and equipment related. DSC_4728
He can seriously identify heavy equipment better than some grown men. It’s hilarious and precious and I love that like his brother, he was born with a motor. DSC_4787
Just before the end of the year, the company bought some new equipment. The most exciting thing (at least to Tucker) they purchased was a new Caterpillar loader. The loader was parked up at the shop for about a week while they waited on the bucket to arrive and it was the higlight of Tucker’s day if we drove by the shop to see it. DSC_4763
DSC_4773DW knew he’d be upset when they moved it to the asphalt plant, so we took him to sit on it and got these pictures before they moved it. DSC_4738
Lucky for my little man, he has the loader he got for Christmas at home to keep him busy. IMG_7796
I’ll never get over the fact that my diaper bag is filled with dumptrucks and tractors again.

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