Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pre-Summer Fun at the Run

Blue Run is by far one of our most favorite places. IMG_6606

I fell in love with it the very first time DW took me down, but 14 years later, it’s the memories we’ve made there and the way our children have all loved it, too, that makes it even more special to us, year after year. IMG_6499

Our family always tries to get a weekend on the calendar in May before the summertime rush, and it always leaves us itching to go back for our full week. This year was no exception. We got the weekend before Memorial Day and it was fantastic. IMG_6790

We picked AB up from school and her buddy, Emma. The kids were all excited to get to the river. They played and played and begged us to let Emma spend the night. IMG_6590We decided we’d just pick her back up the next day and she could come down again. The next day the kids were in the water from the time we got there until 15 minutes before we left. IMG_6579

I seriously think Mamie is part mermaid. IMG_7018She is the happiest when she’s in the water. Blue Run is her happy place for sure! The googles were the best $4.00 purchase I’ve made in a while. They were a huge hit. The funniest thing is she wears them upside down. They’re “The Little Mermaid” who Mamie calls, “Ariel and mermaid” IMG_6653 I ordered the girls’ flamingo floats from Academy back in April and couldn’t wait to get them blown up. They turned out super cute. IMG_6523IMG_6533


This was the trip Tucker decided he’d walk in, out and around the water by himself! So huge. Our spot on the river is perfect for little ones because they can just go in and out and there’s lots of clear playing room for them that isn’t too deep. Next summer will be even better, I’m sure, with him being more confident. IMG_6568

He’s got that look we all get when we have to go passed our knees and belly button! IMG_7094

This was also the trip the boys were introduced to water guns. Nen hit the Target before coming down and got them each their own. They were too cute trying to get each other and everyone else. IMG_6741

No matter where we are, Tucker thinks there are roads to build or fields to plowIMG_7089

But we managed to get in some swimming, catching minnows, and playing in the yard. IMG_6681IMG_6587IMG_6947

On Sunday, Grammy came down with us (Pop was out of town) and spent the day. She even took a kayak ride with AB. IMG_7091

I’ll never forget Mamie’s sweet face when we saw this mermaid coming down the river in a kayak! It was precious! She was so excited to see a REAL mermaid! The girl was so sweet, too, to jump out and swim by on her way back up.


Everyone enjoyed Tay’s paddle board… especially these two little guys.


We ate watermelon like it was our job. IMG_7201This year, the farm grew some yellow melon, too. It was hard to get passed the color of it, but it tasted good. IMG_6709

We tried the exploding melon trick with rubber bands, but that was a fail.IMG_7162 Instead DW just pitched it to Adam who hit it and busted it. Because of the bands, it did bust in rings in places- which the girls were excited to have melon necklaces. IMG_7182

The weather was great all weekend and it was the best way to get us geared up for the summertime countdown!


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