Sunday, May 22, 2016

Softball 2016


AB moved up from T-Ball to Softball this year. IMG_1106We were a little nervous about the pitching machine versus having one of the coaches out there pitching to her, but with some practice she got used to it.

The girls had a great season, and they were the cutest little team. One of the moms made matching bows for their pony tails and they all looked so cute at every game.

They also had a great team sponsor, but I’m not partial or anything. ;)IMG_1101

They were also really good – I think we lost only one, maybe two games all season. It was fun this year knowing that the score was being kept – that was hard in T-ball for my competitive side. ;)IMG_3270



Another difference in T-ball & Softball is that we had to do some away games this year.

Of course AB always had some fans at her games… IMG_5422(IMG_3352IMG_5325and the biggest were always her little sister and baby brother). Mames & Tucker stayed busy digging in the dirt, having snacks and cheering for their big sister! IMG_3275IMG_3869IMG_3883IMG_6124IMG_6160IMG_5331IMG_3874


IMG_6168It was a fun season and I think she learned a lot and improved a lot. She started out not wanting to play after just the second practice. (The hitting machine took a little toll on her confidence at batting, but with some pep talks and practice, she toughed it out and ended up being sad when the season was over).

She says she wants to play again next year, so we’ll see! :)IMG_3375


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