Sunday, October 30, 2016

October Photo Dump

- We celebrated my Dad’s birthday during the hurricane… there’s never a lack of help with blowing out the candles. IMG_6843

- My little darlings after church one Sunday… IMG_6982

- Tucker went to his first dove shoot. He was so excited and DW said he was so good the whole time. IMG_7023

- The 2nd graders at our school always do a pumpkin project with books. They choose a book and make a pumpkin that represents the book or looks like one of the characters. AB chose Cindy Moo. (She dressed up as Cindy Moo in Kindergarten for Book Character Day, so we had the ears and cow bell left over from that. #momwinIMG_7037

- We’ve been trying to figure out our family’s theme for this year’s Trunk or Treat at church. I bought a couple silly props and Tucker’s been having fun with them. IMG_8910

- The Daddies were at the Gator game one Saturday night, so Nen invited us over to have homemade pizza night with them. The kids loved making their own creations.IMG_9147IMG_9166 Mamie loved playing with Quinn.

- TDW had his 2 year well check (a little late). IMG_9497

- School pictures came back…IMG_9499IMG_9503

- We went to the homecoming parade in town.IMG_9697IMG_9682 Mamie loves to dance and every float that went by that had music had her up on her feet dancing in the street. IMG_9689

- We carved the pumpkins we got in the mountains at Pappy’s one night. I think they’re pretty impressive. AMDI4873

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