Monday, October 31, 2016

Fall Vacay 2016

We left straight from Moultrie for our family Fall vacation and headed North for Pigeon Forge, TN.  We were just outside of Atlanta when we heard a thud and the tire pressure light came on and the  pressure was steadily dropping. We couldn’t have been at a better spot, literally feet from the exit ramp and as soon as we got off the Interstate, there was a tire place immediately on the right hand side. IMG_7411We couldn’t get over how it all worked out. After a quick patch, we were back on the road.
The kids have always traveled well, and this trip was no exception. They were fantastic. IMG_8877
We made it to the cabin in Pigeon Forge well after bedtime, but Pappy, Nie-Nie & Kels were already there and had our rooms ready and waiting on us.
On Thursday morning, we drove down to Gatlinburg for breakfast at the Pancake Pantry.IMG_7442
After a great breakfast, we headed back to Pigeon Forge to hit Dollywood for the day. IMG_7793The kids had a great time riding rides. IMG_7505IMG_7513IMG_7526IMG_7555IMG_7683IMG_7702IMG_7705IMG_7674

This picture cracks  me up. IMG_7720You couldn’t have paid me to ride that ride. AB asked Pappy & Nie-Nie to ride it with her and her daddy. They did. Nobody threw-up. I’m still shocked. The funniest thing was there were no open seats next to another one, so they all had to sit by strangers. IMG_7748
We saw the magic show that we saw almost 15 years ago. It was the trip that Kelsey, who was close to AB’s age at the time, got one of the “raccoon” toys they use in the show. AB got called up on stage and that was fun, too. IMG_7771IMG_7783
It was a beautiful day in the park. The weather was nice and everything was so festive.
We headed back to cabin for afternoon naps, then drove out to the Apple Barn for dinner.   IMG_7858IMG_7832
The weather was unusually warm for the first part of our trip, then the temps started dropping and we got some good cool weather that started on Friday morning. IMG_7957
We had breakfast in Pigeon Forge and then drove through the Smoky Mountain Parkway and into Cade’s Cove in hopes of seeing some fall color.XACF4138IMG_7967IMG_7932IMG_7916
It was a beautiful drive and we stopped at the different look-out spots along the way.

We got afternoon naps at the cabin and then had dinner reservations at the Dixie Stampede.
AB wasn’t so sure about eating without utensils. IMG_8143
The kids all loved the show, and it’s always fun, to me, too.
After the Dixie Stampede, we couldn’t resist the Hot Light on our way back the cabin. IMG_8173
On Saturday morning, we visited Kryker Farms, a pumpkin patch I’d found online.14670742_912369408897719_5176496538219883217_n It was a lot of fun for the kids, and it just felt like Fall. We took the hayride out to the “pumpkin patch” (all their pumpkin vines were dead, and they obviously had just brought in pumpkins and scattered them in the patch, but it was still pretty and the kids enjoyed picking the perfect one. IMG_8899IMG_8247IMG_8261IMG_8896
They had swings, and slides, and even a petting zoo. IMG_8225IMG_8420IMG_8312IMG_8372IMG_8363
The highlight, though, was the zip line. The girls have been all about a zip-line lately… my parents have a great spot in their yard at their new house that Pop’s been promising to build them one there, so they’re pumped about that. There wasn’t much of a crowd, so the kids got to ride over and over again. I even took a turn. IMG_8901IMG_8281IMG_8902IMG_8905

After such a fun morning, we stopped for lunch and then made a quick stop at the Smoky Mountain Knife Works store. It was vendor day, so the place was packed, but I got the cutest Christmas gifts for a couple of the nephews and Tucker got his very first pocket knife. (To be put on shelf, until he’s older, of course). IMG_7731
That night, we headed back into town to see the Comedy Barn show.IMG_8450 It’s a variety show that had all of us laughing. IMG_8426It was super cute. Cheesy, yes, but super cute. At one point they invited all the kids to come on stage and dance with them. IMG_8435
After the show, we had some Mexican food for dinner and then headed to the cabin to pack up.
We left early Sunday morning, all bundled up, because of another cold front that had moved in over night.
We stopped in Gatlinburg for breakfast,IMG_8467IMG_8472 and after hearing about the snow up at Clingman’s Dome, we decided to take a little detour and ride up to the top to see it. IMG_8482The drive up through the parkway was beautiful, and we stopped at a few of the look outs. IMG_8551IMG_8566
We couldn’t believe how cold it was when we made it to the top and it was crazy seeing snow on the ground and in the tops of the trees.IMG_8625 It was Tucker’s first time seeing snow, and Mamie’s first time being old enough to remember it. It was so crazy to think we’d been in shorts just two days before and now there was snow on the ground. IMG_8702
It was beautiful seeing those snow capped trees through the fog on the mountains. IMG_8653
I was so glad we decided to add the hour (or more) to our trip and take the detour. IMG_8676
We came down the mountain through Cherokee and would have stopped to see the Indian Chief at the welcome center, but he wasn’t out that morning. We did get to see a buffalo though. IMG_8810We also saw the elk moving through town. IMG_8770
We had such a great trip. We packed a lot into it, for sure. IMG_8846

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