Friday, May 12, 2017

Fire Ants & Red Devils

This was the first year Mamie played T-Ball. IMG_9910She said she didn’t want to at first, but quickly changed her mind after she found out her buddy, Bristol was playing. HHCX1628They were on the Williston Fire Ants team. Is that not the cutest name, ever? IMG_6428

The company sponsored the team and DW’s cousin was the head coach and DW assisted. IMG_6361

A whole bunch of little girls playing T-Ball is hilarious.IMG_5949 Practices were filled with lots of pink…. and potty breaks. It was a fun season and while it was touch and go at some games, Mames never had a melt down about being too hot. Sister is like her Momma and she doesn’t like to be hot. Thankfully, most of her games were in the morning. ;)IMG_6400IMG_6403IMG_8542IMG_9903IMG_8547IMG_9892IMG_9901

Annabelle played softball again this year and was on the Little Red Devils team, again. Emma was on the same team, and I’m sure we would have had to quit if she wasn’t. Ha. IMG_7245IMG_7254

AB improved tremendously from the first night’s practice to the last game. IMG_7460IMG_8039She worked really hard practicing her batting at home and was even able to score some runs during the season. IMG_8058

Since both the girls were playing, we got a taste of what it’s like having two play sports. It was “divide and conquer” every Saturday that we had games. There were even some days we’d be in different towns. If we were at the same field, whoever got finished first, would go to the other’s game, to catch the end. IMG_7258We got super lucky and our practices were at the same time and on the same nights, though.

Grammy & Pop, Pappy & Nie-Nie, and Uncle Adam, Nen, Parker and Quinn all cheered the girls at different games and even traveled some with us to the away ones. IMG_7452IMG_6373IMG_8053IMG_8551

Tucker and which ever sister wasn’t playing cheered on their other sister who was during her game. IMG_7433IMG_8035IMG_7737They all got lots of practice being fans. There was lots of snacks and playing in the dirt this season, too. ;)IMG_8057IMG_7430

We were glad to see the season end so we could have our Saturdays back, but it’s always a lot of fun and I know extracurricular activities have been really good for our girls. IMG_7463I don’t know that we’ll play beyond their WYAA years, but we’ll see what they want to do when they get to middle and high school. ;)XJBF2938


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