Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tucker Turns Three!

If any of our children’s baby years have flown by, it’s Tuckers! I feel like we blinked  and he turned three years old. IMG_6009

TDW – the day he was born, his first birthday, second birthday & third birthday

I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that this next school year will be his last at home with me. I can’t even think about Pre-K yet, but I know it’s just right around the corner. IMG_6010

Pics from the last year

To me, he’s still so much of a baby and I guess she he is ours, he’ll always seem that way to me.

As much as I deny it, he is very much a big boy these days and still loves all things heavy equipment and tractors. DSC_8391So for his birthday this year, we had a small family party with a green and blue tractor theme. He’s not particular, any color tractor is his favorite. ;)IMG_5578

We got a Chick-fil-A nugget tray (because that has seriously turned into my kid-party-go-to) for dinner and opened presents first. IMG_5603

Tucker was excited to open his presents and was adorable opening all of his gifts.IMG_5606IMG_5703IMG_5610 Our gift wasn’t wrapped, so he had to go to the front porch to see it… IMG_5614

He was so excited to get a Gator of his own. IMG_5707IMG_5628

Gator rides for everyone then it was time for cake and ice cream. IMG_5678IMG_5688IMG_5692

Tuck is making progress with being okay around birthday candles. IMG_5653After his second birthday candle incident, we weren’t so sure. IMG_5654I did light them earlier this week and practice, so he could see it wasn’t going to burn him. IMG_5667Bless it.

It was a sweet evening celebrating our baby boy who’s loved so very much. IMG_5669IMG_5708

What a gift he is. IMG_5602


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