Monday, June 21, 2010

Best Buds

On Friday, since Carrie was working and Ma’am is on vacation, Allie Claire got to come spend the day with us! When she got to the house, Annabelle was still sleeping. So I put her to work. DSC_0018 She had to earn her keep. (ha).

That didn’t last long, before Allie decided it was high time that “Ann-Bell” woke up and played. So off, we went to wake her up!

“Ann-Bell” was so excited to see Allie, even if she did wake her up, which is big, because let me tell you, “Ann-Bell” loves her sleep.


The girls played for a little while,DSC_0020 then we got AB dressed and ran into town to pick up their Father’s Day gifts. (We took them a couple weeks ago to Do Art and they painted something for the Dads again this year, so they were ready to be picked up.)

When the girls get to ride together in the car, they always hold hands and swap toys. It’s so cute. While we were in the car, Allie was calling my name, which sounds a little like, “Nanny” and I said, “what baby?” that’s when she pulled out the “luvs you” card, which of course ensured that she would be getting Chick-fil-A for lunch, a pop-sicle when we got home, and anything else she wanted. (ha.) It’s kind of funny, too, that all through-out the day, Allie would want or need something and she’d call for her momma. She’d say, “Momma, Momma (then realize her momma wasn’t there, and she’d continue) Mean-Nanny” So it sounded like she was calling me, “Mean Annie”… too funny.

When we got home, we changed into bathing suits (Allie borrowed one from AB and borrowed a pair of crocs, too, which Carrie is going to have to buy her a pair, because she loved them….so much, in fact, that she tried to take them home with her!)

We headed outside to play in the shade. I had the girls all set up with the water hose, toys, pool and splash mat. They played in the pool and even took turns holding the water hose.



Then they played in the playhouse



 DSC_0215 DSC_0233

and rode the 4-wheeler.

DSC_0136  DSC_0125

They walked all over the yard and paid me little attention when I told them to “stay on the grass!”  DSC_0336 That was the only time I had to move from my spot by the ‘pool’ to herd them back over. DSC_0360

Even in the shade, it was HOT, so I figured it was time for a popsicle. DSC_0237

The girls couldn’t have agreed more. DSC_0246I am not sure who loved them most, but it’s obvious, they both enjoyed them!  DSC_0307  DSC_0303



I love this…DSC_0275 how do you teach a toddler to share toys, but not sippy cups, and popsicles and such?

When we made it back inside, I gave the girls a bath and just knew they’d take the nap of their lives. AB laid down for a nap, and Allie watched some tv and crashed on the living room floor. I’d made her a nice soft pallet, but she didn’t want anything of it…

When they woke up from their naps, a snack was in order. I gave them both a baggie of Cheerios and caught them sitting in the window eating them. How’s that for 2 serious cases of ‘bed-head’?DSC_0002

They were sitting back surveying the damage they’d done in the playroom.

After that, they decided to take turns riding in the baby stroller. AB pushed Allie around then she got in it. DSC_0007 When Allie started pushing AB, she hollered, “Hold tight, Bill, hold tight!” (She sometimes calls her ‘Belle’ which sounds like, “Bill”). It was too funny…

Those girls are too fun. They’re a pair for sure.



Charon Benton said...

STOP! That makes me want to cry! These girls are having the time of their life!!!

Crystal said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love all those sweet pics, especially the look on Allie's face in that last one!

Katie said...

Oh, I love these girls!! How sweet of them sharing their popsicles....I agree, how do you teach to share, but not everything......haha! BOth of those girls have the prettiest curls...even when they just wake up! ;o)

Stephanie Heintz said...

That is so fun! I love those two little girls together!

Janie said...

Too sweet! Those baby girls are so precious! Whit sat in my lap as we looked at the post and all he could say was "WOW" over and over....haha! We both enjoyed seeing those girls have a ball! What a great Momma you are! TTYS!

Heather said...

Seriously, I don't know what else to say but these girls are so cute together. The pics on the 4 wheeler are too much! They are precious and what sweet friends they are going to be!! Heck, they already are!!!

Carrie said...

I love how everyone has posted how sweet and pretty our girls are, but to be honest, when I look at these pictures ALL I see is t-r-o-u-b-l-e! They are sports, that's for sure! They were living it up at your house. Mercy, no wonder Allie didn't care much about coming home ;) Thanks again!

Jana said...

I want to do a play date at your house! Yours always look so much more fun than the ones at my house!!!! So Sweet!!!!!

BelleinBoots said...

How about how grown up they are looking?? Just precious!