Monday, June 14, 2010

The Business….

A couple years ago, my mom and I stopped at a drive-thru to pick up some lunch. We ordered and pulled forward to pay. We paid the cashier, who needed an attitude adjustment, something fierce, and waited for our order. After a couple minutes, Miss Attitude made her way back to the window, looks at us and with a roll of her eyes says, “Here’s the business. We aint got no lids.” With that (and nothing more except some attitude), she handed us our lid-less drinks and bag of food. And for our family, that’s how the phrase, “here’s the business” was coined.

So here’s “the business”---(with less attitude, of course)…

It’s been FOREVER-and-at-least-3 days since I’ve posted anything!

Here’s a few of the things we’ve been up to…

* Remember the jury duty thing? Well, 3 words….. I GOT PICKED. A story for another post, for sure.

DSCN1100* The playroom is still a work in progress. I worked on a little project a couple weeks ago that required me to use this big daddy…DSC_0007

* We tried the new Spicy Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich. Yum. DSC_0064 Get one, yall. And dip it in ranch dressing. And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE no one tell me that ranch dressing is made with mayonnaise. ECK. I don’t do mayonnaise! I know the homemade ranch has mayo in it, but I’ve always liked to believe that Hidden Valley in the bottle doesn’t have any mayo in it. It would be terrible if ranch dressing DID have mayo in it, because I’d eat dirt, just as long as it was dipped in ranch dressing. I'd sure hate to have to quit eating it.

* I got to spend roughly 18 hours with my cousin, Stephanie, a couple weeks ago. What was supposed to be a 3 day visit, got cut short when her husband Henry, who’d joined some of the other Georgia guys on a canoeing trip, had a severe allergic reaction after being bitten by fire ants. Here’s the guys (before H’s ride in the ambulance) after dropping Steph off at our house. DSC_0015It’s the only picture I took the whole time Stephanie was here. It made me laugh so hard seeing the canoes strapped to the top of the trailblazer. I can only imagine the looks they got driving through Atlanta on the way down.

& lastly,

* Annabelle turned 18 months old on the 9th. Where did the past year and a half go?

- At 18 months she’s as precious as ever, but also VERY close to two. You know what they say about the two’s. Fits and tantrums have definitely made their appearance.

- She’s developing such a personality and it’s so much fun to watch. DSC_0085

- She plays shy when strangers talk to her, but doesn’t take long to warm up to anyone.

- She is quite the “mimic” these days. She loves to do what we do and even tries to get things to do what she’s doing…The other day we’d gotten her a happy meal and I looked over and she was trying to feed the toy pigs a french fry. So Silly… DSC_0145

- She thinks she can do whatever she wants at her Grammy & Pop and Pappy & Granny’s houses. At 18 months, she definitely has them figured out! They are all crazy about her, and the feeling is mutual.DSC_0026 - She’s so independent! She loves being a big girl and doing big girl things! DSC_0076

- She makes more of a mess than any child I’ve ever seen. If it’s in a basket or on a shelf, she wants it down and out. I have high hopes and dreams for the playroom one day, but it’s going to take lots of “training”…

- She loves peas. They are her most favorite. Last week I made this plate for her Daddy (one of his favorite meals). DSC_0115He was thrilled and baby girl must have been, too, because Daddy wasn’t the only one who cleaned his plate! That night she had 3 servings of peas! DSC_0124

- She doesn’t stop. Praise the Lord she sleeps good and is a great nap-taker, because it really is the only time of the day that she stops. She is on the go ALL THE TIME. DSC_0068

- She loves to be outside.

- She climbs like a billy goat. I’ve found her on the table in our kitchen, in our formal dining room, and on the desk in the office. DSC_0130I made the mistake about a month ago of saying that I was a little concerned that she wasn’t climbing “successfully” onto the couches…a week later all this “successful” climbing started…

- Her favorite things to play with are phones (real, of course). She has even mastered holding the phone on her shoulder while she’s “talking.”

- She’s still the sweetest girl we know. We love being her parents so much and she brings so much joy to our lives.

I’m going to play catch-up this week with some blogs… so I’ll be back soon with some more “business…”



Charon Benton said...

Here's the business--I'm excited to see you back on blog land! Missed you!!! Oh alright...and I'm glad to see some cute pictures of AB too.....LOL : )

Lyndsay said...

Great catch up, been wondering what you were up to!! HA! Your daddy got to hold Gus Saturday in the garden and Gus wanted to stay with him so I think he sees what AB does!!

Mallory said...

Welcome back! I've missed you and your business! ;) Thanks for the catch-up...Sweet AB is growing like the weeds in my garden...tooooo fast!

Carrie said...

I can't believe the girls are getting sooo big and attitude-ish! 2 is going to be something else. Love the picture of Annabelle with her head thrown back! Too cute.

Julianne Hendrickson said...

haha here's the funny!! i can't wait to hear about jury duty--that is one of my hopes and dreams as well!! :)

Katie said...

On your recommendation, I just ran over to Chick-fil-a and got a spicy chicken sandwich...YUM! That was awesome! :o) Unfortunately, I dropped all of my fries into the filthy floorboard! Grr....

Miss Annabelle is so, so, so cute!

Heather said...

I am so glad you posted! I was starting to worry!! I love the here's the business thing, just from reading the girl sounded like she needed to be tossed over someone's leg and gotten a good old fashion whippin'. ha! You have been busy and I have missed your posts! Can't wait to hear about jury duty and AB and Mollie are 2 peas in a pod I tell you!! Seriously!!

Aunt B said...

She is one precious pea eating prissy thing....who would have ever known that 542 days she would be MORE adorable and cute than the first y'all