Friday, September 10, 2010

Always, Sometimes, Never…

Both Heather & Carrie did these lists a couple weeks ago, and I always love reading things like this about my blog friends, so I’m doing one today, too!



- drive my car until the gas light comes on.

- take my jewelry off the minute I walk through my door.

- order the same thing at restaurants.

- love it when DW winks at me.

- drive fast down our drive way! (So does everyone else! It reminds me of a landing strip with a slight curve!) 

- have room for ice cream!

- decorate our house for seasons/holidays.

- want more. Contentment isn’t my strong suit and is something I’m working on!

- love holding babies.

- love a clean house.

- like eating out!

- have the ingredients to make some kind of cookie! You never know when you’re going to need a cookie!

- wish I could sing good.

- use my teasing comb. Even if my hair’s going up in a pony tail.

- check my email ten times a day.

- take lots of pictures.



- use public restrooms. But it has to be an EMERGENCY. (Fun Fact: I’ve NEVER seen the inside of a porta-potty).

- enjoy being by myself.

- dance with my man in the kitchen. We used to do a whole lot of that when we were newlyweds! Now, sometimes AB likes to join in though!

- fold laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer.

- spend too much money!!! oops! :)

- put things off until the last minute!

- am too hard on myself. 

- cry during commercials. Especially the Publix ones around the holidays. Oh, and Hallmark ones, too! ha…

- get a pedicure, but NEVER as often as I’d like!

- exercise. But NEVER as often as I should! ha…

- like to think I’m an organized person. At least I try. :)

- wish someone else could do our grocery shopping.

- send friends and family cards. I love sending and receiving mail!

- read. I don’t like to, but if it’s a book that I think might help me, I’ll read it…but never just because I like to.

- want to re-paint our living room. But then I think of how much work it will be and I change my mind.



- drink a bottled drink past the label.

- park straight.

- taste the deli meat when they offer it at Publix. (You know, when you’re getting lunch meat sliced and they ask you if you want to try a piece first. I’ll NEVER understand why they do it. Especially first thing in the morning. Who eats a piece of turkey at 9:00 in the morning??)

- regret saying “Yes” to DW and that limerock ring!

- get my hair done when it needs it.

- like drinking from plastic cups. I’ve come along way with paper plates though.

- thank my parents & in-laws enough for everything they do/are.

- wash my car.

- print pictures.

- eat mayonnaise. YUCK!

- am on time. I’ve gotten much better though, since I married DW. He makes me better… awwwww…

- sleep without a “huggie” pillow.

- think the weekends last long enough.

- read long forwards on email.



Mallory said...

I'm going to do this after I get my work done! Motivation...haha, We have a lot of the same I always!

Stephanie Heintz said...

That was fun! You're so cool. (not being sarcastic either!) Love you.

Immeasurably More Mama said...
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Immeasurably More Mama said...

I love that you always have the ingredients to make some kind of cookie! I think that will become one of my "I always" from now on! :) These lists are so much fun to read...I think I will do this on my blog too.

Rebecca said...

It's official...we were separated at birth! So much in common it's kinda freaking me out! ;)

The Marino Family said...

You also never eat eggs. ha That is so sweet that you and DW dance sometimes in the kitchen. We do the same thing. 8-)

Heather said...

Oh friend, we have so much in common, we would get along great!! My jewelry can't come off fast enough, I take a ton of pictures, and always park crooked!!! Love this!!

Aleta Kaylee said...

LOVED this. We have a lot in common. That is so sweet that you and DW dance in the kitchen. And now I know the secret to your always perfect hair! :)