Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Georgia on my mind…

Last week, we’d been home for less than 24 hours when we packed up and headed out again! My parents picked me and AB up Wednesday morning and we set out North bound on I-75 for Habersham County, Georgia…home of some of our favorite peeps!

It’s ALWAYS a LONG drive, but especially with little ones! Whew…I have to brag on my girl, though, because she was P-E-R-F-E-C-T. No tears, no fussing, no “get me out of this seat” fits! She did so great on the trip up and back home, too!

We stopped every couple hours and let her get out and stretch her legs. One stop was at the biggest playground I’ve ever seen at a fast food place… it was a Burger King, in Macon, I think. We got a coke Icee and let her play for twenty minutes. She LOVED it. 2010-09-01_15-00-16_85

We finally made it to my brother, Beau’s, a little after 6:00. My nephew Garrett was ready and waiting for us! 2010-09-01_19-20-39_25

Beau & Kristy just moved the weekend before, so we were hoping to get to help them around their new place. Kristy had already gotten almost everything done, so there wasn’t much to help with, but we did get to do a little painting and a couple other little things for them. The rest of the time was spent visiting and loving on the kids!

Beau & Kristy’s new house has a front porch with a beautiful view, and we loved sitting out there letting the kids play. 2010-09-01_19-24-07_869 DSC_0168 AB had the best time bossing Garrett around. If she told him, “no-no” once, she must have told him a hundred times. I know he’s glad we’re back in Florida! ha…

On Thursday night, we got to go see my cousin’s sons play JV football. 2010-09-02_17-47-28_760 One word. Precious. I couldn’t help by tear up when I thought about Sid & Caleb being in EIGTH grade and playing JV football. They were so cute and grown up in their football pads and jerseys. They were such precious little babies, toddlers, kids, and now teenagers!!! We loved getting to see them play a game, even if the Bobcats weren’t victorious over the Rebels!

Saturday, we woke up to cool temperatures and it felt so much like Fall! It was wonderful! We spent the morning playing outside with Jackson & Garrett. Jackson loves these balloon rockets that my mom has gotten a few times for him from Cracker Barrel.DSC_0225

DSC_0224 So we played with those and then he found his old retro car that my parents bought for him his first Christmas. (They got Cooper one, too, and its one of my favorite toys we have!). He rode it down the little slope in the driveway and had the BEST time!DSC_0264 He called himself “Mr. Fast Guy” as he’d fly down hill! Then I’d push him back up hill and we’d do it all again!

DSC_0238 Garrett & Daddy cheering for “Mr. Fast Guy”

That afternoon, we all got together at Uncle Ronnie & Aunt Kay’s (at the creek) for some BBQ. My Aunts live right next door and they have seriously the best set up for family gatherings behind their house at their creek. It’s such a great place for the kids to play and everyone to just eat and be together! I love it down there!


My cousin, Amy’s little boy, Van, drove everyone around on the golf cart. Too cute… DSC_0351

It was game day, so of course AB and I were sporting our Orange & Blue in the midst of the sea of Red & Black! DSC_0448

Uncle Ricky & Aunt Cindy were still in Wyoming, so we didn’t get to see them or the rest of their family. We did get to see Seth & Sy, so we were happy about that! We missed the rest of the crew for sure, though! Our big family reunion is next month, so we can’t wait to see everyone then!

Sunday morning, we headed home early! We couldn’t get here fast enough! We were ready to be at our house and see DW! He missed us pretty bad, too! :) It’s always good to visit, but but there’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME!



Crystal said...

Sounds like lots of fun..I love that AB is rockin her Gator gear amidst all that other mess!!

Danielle said...

What a fun trip! It sure does look B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L there! :)

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I love visiting north GA! Beau and Kristy's new home sure does have a GORGEOUS view!!! I could sit on that porch for hours! It sounds like you had a fun-filled family weekend...I'm so glad you brought some GOOD colors into that sea of red and black. :) And a road trip isn't complete without a few stops at kiddie playgrounds and a meal at Cracker Barrel!

Katie said...

Goodness, y'all are quite the jet-setters! Please, I cannot at all imagine AB bossin'....she looks so darn sweet...cannot at all imagine it! HAHA!

Carrie said...

I am drooling over Beau and Kristy's view. Tell them they may wake up one morning with us camped out on the porch, which looks divine!

On another note, is Vann old enough to drive already..even a golf cart??!!! Wasn't he just born? Girl, we are getting o-l-d....fast!

BelleinBoots said...

Is Jackson seriously that big! I can't get over it... it seem like yesterday... So proud of you and AB for "representing" up there in that dark sea!

BelleinBoots said...

Is Jackson seriously that big! I can't get over it... it seem like yesterday... So proud of you and AB for "representing" up there in that dark sea!

Lyndsay said...

I know that you had a great time visiting with the GA crew!! I can't believe how big Jackson & Garrett are and the view a Beau's is fantastic. I bet the kids have a great time playing with their Florida cousin even if she is bossy:)